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You Won’t Believe What Charles Krauthammer Called Trump

by Bradley Matthews

Trump Krauthammer

“Trump has made it clear he’s not a conservative. He’s a nationalist populist. There are a lot of arguments in favor of that. But it isn’t conservatism.” — Charles Krauthammer


  1. Essie

    Anybody is gonna be better than Hillary lying and cheating nature.

    August 11, 2016,5:33 pm

  2. Submariner

    Trump is a right-wing populist, he is NOT a conservative. He just taps into white male resentment at being jacked over by the bankster masters who OWN both parties. I get a real kick out of watching so-called christians pandering over a degenerate like Trump. Typical hypocrites.

    June 2, 2016,5:41 pm

  3. Brenda Brown

    We don’t need a conservative We need some one to fight for the American people by deregulating so we can get jobs back in
    America and use our own energy by fracking and drilling. Work on green but America needs to work, work, work.,

    May 28, 2016,3:02 pm

  4. Alan Wood

    hbcark – and the Rump is not a secular humanist, baby killer, socialist medicine promoter? And as far as the lie of “a divine hand” guiding the Rump – satan’s hand drives him!

    May 21, 2016,2:00 pm

  5. hbcark

    I have generally agreed with Charles Krauthammer but his attacks on Trump leaves with the feeling he is favoring Clinton.

    Historically Hillary is a secular humanist with a world view; very un-American to a point of being anti-American. Free enterprise is out the window. Socialism will reign during her inure. Our freedoms will be denied.

    May 21, 2016,12:37 pm

  6. Wendy Luckie

    My argument is that KRAUTSLINGER as well as George Schill, Steve Hayes and their ilk are more CORRUPT than stinking RINO Ruan and Mittens SLUMNY. These nasty wanna be roadblocks against Mr. Trump will fail. Divine Hand is guiding Mr. Trump to put America First instead of last for past 16 years of FAILED POTUS HOLDERS. I bought book THINGS THAT MATTER. WHAT HYPOCRISY!!! ART OF THE DEAL made me smarter.

    May 16, 2016,5:07 pm

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