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Member of the Week: Amy Frederick (President, 60 Plus Association)

Congratulations Amy on being our Conservative Book Club “Member of the Week!” Tell us a little about yourself and the work you do as President of the 60 Plus Association.

At 60 Plus we advocate on behalf of seniors and their families. As we’ve seen with AARP fully on board with the Obama agenda, there is a strong need for a voice in Washington and across the states representing the views of the elderly who value small government, free-markets, and a strong adherence to the principles of our Constitution.

What’s an average day like for you?

Up early, of course. My morning priority is making breakfast for my 3 children and getting them to school on time!  I am in meetings or on the phone most of the day, managing projects and monitoring what’s next on the horizon. I try to be home for dinner, but that doesn’t always happen.  I do, however, try to get there before bedtime so I can read books with Grace, Izzie and Michael before they go to bed. Being with my family is my daily highlight, and the best reward after a long day of work.

What got you interested in the work that you do?60 Plus

Love of family and love of country. At 60 Plus I get the privilege of working on issues and policies which have a real impact on the direction of our nation, and make a real difference in the lives of seniors. My grandfather was a veteran of D-Day and my parents raised me with a deep appreciation of what it means to be an American. The work we do at 60 Plus is extremely rewarding from the vantage point of being that voice for seniors and the values that represent the very best of our nation.  That, coupled with a family history of Alzheimer’s, I’ve been passionate about seniors issues since I was in middle school.

What books, authors, or conservative-themed books, influenced your political philosophy and outlook on life?

I gravitate toward books that, at their heart, champion the individual spirit as well as those which make a decisive, unapologetic case for a free society.  In college I got hooked on William F. Buckley, Jr., F. A. Hayek and Paul Johnson, and I would say their works remain firm in my world view. As I get older I find biographies extremely enriching because we learn what struggles were overcome to create leaders like Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. The wondrous heroes who helped win WWII and the Cold War were very human, and knowing what they endured helps me keep perspective when I lose my cell phone.

When you’re not working, what does Amy Frederick do for fun?

I love being a mom and documenting the things my children say on a daily basis provides for major comic relief.  For example, Michael, who is 4-years-old spoke very loudly in church a few weeks ago with this rhetorical question: “Mama, why did Jesus die—because he was a smoker?” My kids energize me and honestly teach me more about the world than anything else! I also train for triathlons, which aside from helping me stay in shape, certainly keeps me humble. I’ve also developed a passion and appreciation for wine. My husband and I are also opening a craft brewery soon, a legacy to my late father, who was in the beer business all his life.  Lastly, Jeff and I love to sail in the Caribbean.  I live by the motto:  work hard, play hard!

Why did you join the Conservative Book Club? How is the user experience beneficial to you?

It’s great to be part of a community that promotes and shares the very best ideas. It’s also a great value, and a tremendous time saver, making it easy to choose from the most important books that have been reviewed and scrutinized by editors and readers I trust. I know that if the CBC is recommending or highlighting a book, it is one I should definitely be aware of!

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