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Rep. Allen West (R-FL) Endorses The Conservative Book Club!

by Bradley Matthews

Former Florida Congressman and soldier Allen West has endorsed the Conservative Book Club! See his video below!

BIOGRAPHY — Rep. Allen West (R-FL)

Allen Bernard West (born February 7, 1961) is an American political commentator, former member of the United States House of Representatives, and retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel. A member of the Republican Party, he represented Florida’s 22nd congressional district in the House from 2011 to 2013.

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, West was part of the third of four consecutive generations of his family to serve in the United States armed forces. His father and older brother were career military officers, and his mother was a civilian employee of the Marine Corps.

West has an undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee, as well as graduate degrees from Kansas State University and the US Army Command and General Staff Officer College. Upon his retirement from the Army, West taught history and coached track at Deerfield Beach High school and spent two years serving as an advisor to the Afghan National Army. He is married to Angela M. Graham, with whom he has two daughters.

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