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CBC Members Agree: Donald Trump Is A Rebuke To The GOP Establishment

by Bradley Matthews

Donald Trump

This summer, Donald Trump’s populist appeal, immigration plan and spirited demeanor captured the hearts and minds of voters, propelling him to the top of the GOP presidential polls. We asked CBC members if his success was a rebuke to the Republican party establishment. They said, yes, Trump is meant as a rebuke to the Grand Old Party.

Is Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential run a rebuke to the Republican Establishment?

  • Yes: 88%
  • No: 12%



  1. Charles Seitter

    They are afraid of Donald because he might actually win the nomination and they would have to change the status quo. He knows enough about foreign policy to know South Korea is much more of a threat than Iran. Nobody else realized this and you didn’t give him credit.

    September 18, 2015,8:33 pm

  2. Charles Seitter

    Donald is taking all the heat from the party. They are afraid he might actually win the nomination. During the debate ( interviews) he made one of the best statements that we should worry more about South Korea than Iran.

    September 18, 2015,8:19 pm

  3. hbcark

    Why has the “Established GOP’ rebuked Donald Trump? They can’t control him. The EP has turned their backs on the people and want bigger government and more tax dollars. They are not certain what Trump will do.

    September 18, 2015,5:30 pm

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