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Trump Thinks Jeb Bush Isn’t Worth Talking About Anymore

by Bradley Matthews

“Jeb is doing very poorly in the polls — 5%? I think I’m going to stop talking about him. I sort of thought he was going to be a favorite, he’s not doing so well, I’m going to have to start hitting somebody else. Maybe Rubio…” — Donald Trump


  1. Ned

    We LOVE Trump. He is exactly what our country needs NOW. When he says he will do something, he gets it done. We really don’t have time for folks that are RINO’s with no backbone, princople or vision other than the status quo. Jeb is what we don’t want.

    Jeb is nothing more than a nasty RINO who is miffed at not being adored. He truly believes it is HIS TURN to be President. He claims to be a “joyful tortoise” but he is really a snapping turtle with venom.

    I’m surprised he bothers to speak English during the debates. After Jeb legalized his Mexican wife he morphed into a male version of Rachal Dolezal. Recall that she IS white, had blond hair and blue eyes but wanted to be BLACK. This woman is mentally unstable and I see Jeb Bush as mentally unstable. When Jeb did his paperwork to run for President, he indicated he was HISPANIC! No lie. No kidding. He was forced to change that. He truly believes he will bypass the “white” base of the GOP and gather up the Hispanics and ILLEGALS to get him the Presidency. It isn’t working and people see through Jeb.

    Eager to support, volunteer and do all possible to get TRUMP in there as President. I’d be very open to seeing Carson as his VP.

    October 28, 2015,1:41 am

  2. Mike Joenks

    I will not vote or support Trump!

    October 22, 2015,5:17 pm

  3. Larry Jackson

    now he’s commenting about the hotness of super hero girls….so bizzare. He’s desperate because his numbers are dropping even with spending http://newsdailynow.com/2015/10/22/jeb/

    October 22, 2015,12:59 pm

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