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The Trumpkin – “Make Pumpkins Great Again”

by Greg Dallas

Is there anything scarier than a bunch of people running around dressed like zombies and monsters on Halloween? No? Well you thought wrong.

A disturbing new trend is sweeping the country — The Trumpkin. People have began carving and painting pumpkins with Donald Trump’s face. But one Trumpkin trumps them all.

Jeanette Paras has been “pumpkinizing” celebrities and politicians since 1998. This year she chose Donald Trump, deeming it the “Trumpkin.” She unveiled the Trumpkin on Monday, which weighs a whopping 374 pounds. She even included a campaign slogan “Trumpkin – Make Pumpkins Great Again.”

I think it’s safe to assume she has successfully scared off all the trick-or-treaters.

If you like Donald Trump you can stay up-to-date on his campaign via our 2016 Election Central, and be sure to check out his new release Crippled America!

(Photo Source: Paras Pumpkins)


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