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Clock Boy Turns to Daylight Savings Activism

by Greg Dallas

Ahmed Mohamed, or “Clock Boy” sparked national debate when he was arrested for bringing a clock to school. Teachers and authorities mistook his home-made clock for a bomb. Since then, he has taken full advantage of the attention and turned to activism. It is Clock Boy’s dream that one day, no American will forget to turn their clock’s back for daylight savings time.

Clock Boy’s selflessness and valiant  efforts to remind Americans to set their clocks back has landed him a spot in Time Magazines Top 30 Most Influential Teens. During times of multiple foreign policy crises, and growing national debt, it is vital to focus our attention on what is really important – Clock Boy.

Reminder – Turn back your clocks one hour before you go to sleep on Saturday night, November 1st.

FYI – It should also be known that Clock Boy is moving to Qatar.  Make sure to check out our National Security & Military book category for the latest new releases!



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