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Have You Heard The Ben Carson Rap?

by Greg Dallas

Dr. Ben Carson has channeled his inner Dr. Dre in a recent campaign ad. Dr. Carson has continued his unconventional campaign this morning by releasing a rap ad with an ad buy of $150,000 and will be featured in eight different markets including Miami, Detroit, Birmingham, Jackson, Atlanta, Memphis, Little Rock, and Houston. Carson teamed up with artist Aspiring Mogul to create the 60 second rap ad, embedded below.

Aspiring Mogul exhibits his lyrical prowess with the lines “vote for Ben Carson and be awesome” as well as “if we want America back on track, we got to vote for Ben Carson matter of fact.”

Carson is trying to target African American and younger voters and sees this fiery-hot rap track as an opportunity to rip away some of the African American vote from Democrats. President Obama received over 90% of the African American vote in 2012.

We’re now looking forward to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders releasing their rap tracks!

For more news on Ben Carson visit out 2016 Election Central and his author page, and check out our exclusive one-on-one interview with Dr. Carson.



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