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WATCH: Modern Educayshun – Are We Heading Towards PC Dystopia?

by Greg Dallas

We can all agree that hate speech should not be tolerated in an academic setting. But at what point does political correctness go too far? In the future, will it be used as a bludgeon to destroy free speech and intellectual dissent on college campuses?

Australian comedian and filmmaker Neel Kolhatkar has a chilling take on it in his short film Modern Educayshun. His portrayal of a dystopian classroom shows what political correctness could lead to — education based not on knowledge, but on progressive ideology.

Check out the video and drop a comment below to let us know your take on the issue.

If you are interested in books on free speech and political correctness in education, check out End of Discussion, Illiberal Education, Excuse Me, Professorand The Silencing!




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