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Hey ISIS, We’re Coming For You

by Greg Dallas

ISIS has claimed responsibility for a series of attacks in France killing at least 128 people. The Pulitzer Prize-winning U.S. cartoonist, Steve Benson, created this great cartoon to honor France.

After the horrific September 11th attacks. France stood by America’s side in the aftermath.  In response to the attack, then French President Jacques Chirac provided a strong statement condemning Al Qaeda and backed it up with force. He visited the United States and stated “France, I can tell you, will not stand aside in a fight against a scourge that defies democracies.”

He continued stating that “Today it was New York that was tragically struck, but tomorrow it may be Paris, Berlin, London.” NATO then issued Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, with France offering warplanes and commandos to support a U.S. led invasion of Afghanistan.

In contrast, President Obama ruled out boots on the ground to fight ISIS today, stating that “It is not just my view, but the view of my closest military and civilian advisers, that that would be a mistake.”

Is it time that the United States returned the favor and rallied behind France like they rallied behind us following the September 11th attack? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think.

If interested in learning more about ISIS, check out The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS, by Robert Spencer, and It IS About Islam, by Glenn Beck.


  1. rfernandez

    And with gods help and a big stick, when Mr Trump becomes president, he mr Trump should require judge ginsberg to undergoe a medical examination pertening to her soundness of mind and her mental medical status as to her suitability to serve as a supreme court justice ,

    July 15, 2016,10:37 pm

  2. rfernandez

    A coment on justice Ginsberg inapropiate, un called for, unprofessional, beneath a supreme , add usa supreme court justice, totally shows extreme carelessnes, totally egotism, grand standing and a total bore, this is the justice that falls asleep during obamas state of the union speech last year, cant blame her for that, still it shows a lot of wear and tear and extremely poor judgment, like Trump said, her mind is shot, resing, you are a disgrace, even your compadres dissagree with your coments, I wonder how sincere your apologies to your absurd coments about mr Trump are, resing and move to newzealand, that is if they ll accept you, your credibility is zero.you are unfit to serve the American people, resing.

    July 15, 2016,9:32 pm

  3. emma

    How about we just drag obama out of Our WH &put a REAL Leader, a Real Man, in rthere?!
    Mr. Trump! It is TIME!!!

    July 15, 2016,5:25 pm

  4. Madhatter 46

    If you go in don’t leave before the job is done. So tired of politicians sitting back, and sticking a finger in the air to test the breeze while Marines are dying following their decisions.

    November 17, 2015,8:50 am

  5. mike O'Connor

    recreate the draft seriously and go and wipe isis off map. isis you want to die get your affarirs in order cause here we come. screw obama

    November 17, 2015,5:32 am

  6. mike O'Connor

    recreate the draft seriously and go and wipe isis off map. isis you want to die get your affakirs in order cause here we come. screw obama

    November 17, 2015,5:31 am



    November 16, 2015,6:05 pm

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