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Trump Calls For Vigilance Against Radical Islamists in America

by Bradley Matthews

“It doesn’t apply to people living in the country, except we have to be vigilant, because when you have people having pipe bombs all over their apartments, and people see this and don’t report them, there is something wrong, something is very wrong.” — Donald Trump


  1. SkyGunner

    The see nothing-don’t get involved,has been around for decades. People are afraid they may get hurt. So W H A T !!! The way it is now, you may hurt a little for getting involved, but the penalty for this attitude is paying a huge amount of pain later. When all those strange noises and strange people coming and going at all hours, suddenly detonate a huge car bomb!

    December 14, 2015,2:46 pm

  2. Donna

    Absolutely and that’s because we’ve had an administration that is more concerned with prosecuting the ones who speak out and speak out. Everyone has been paralyzed and the reason Trump’s ratings have been higher is because the average citizens feel he’s their voice. Please Trump be strong, vigilant but always keep God first and you can’t lose and neither can this country.

    December 10, 2015,5:06 pm

  3. Linda Marsh

    Donald Trump for president!

    December 9, 2015,10:47 pm

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