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Trump Says It’s Open Season On Bill Clinton

by Bradley Matthews

“Hillary called me sexist, that I had an inclination. What does she know about me? I had an inclination. When she said that, I said, well, your husband’s now campaigning, it’s open season.” — Donald Trump


  1. dennis phinney

    I think Trump is smart, successful, independently wealthy, fearless, and
    yet he can relate to all the people that have been ignored for far too
    long. The people that don’t have special minority labels attached to them,
    the people who just go to work, pay their bills and just keep on trying
    amidst all the rhetoric and confusion created as speed bumps, and all
    the healthcare, and Social Security issues, and just everyday life, the same
    people pay taxes without real representation from government. These
    are the very same people in their cars every morning, sitting in traffic.
    You all know and can relate to this in some way!
    Trump is the best choice we have at this point in our history, although he
    may not be perfect he has no incentive to run for president, he does not
    need the money or the power, he really just wants to see America great again.
    The fact that there are so many big players, big money interests, media
    groups doing their best to hang on to the status quo and fear that Trump
    will get in their way is clear evidence that he is the right choice for
    president. Just get out there and vote, cast your vote for all those who
    gave their lives for this country, military, and police, and fire depts.
    across America. Don’t sit this one out!

    March 3, 2016,2:06 pm

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