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Who Will Win The South Carolina Primary?

by Bradley Matthews

Who will win the South Carolina GOP primary? Vote below!










Who will win the South Carolina primary?

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  1. Michael Pemberton

    Jo, it’s close to being accurate as far as the respondents in the categories of people who visited this site, noted the survey, and chose to express an opinion. This was an informal survey and didn’t even pretend to go through all of the statistical analysis of demographics or correlation to census figures.
    When you are asked to participate in a serious poll, you will be expected to answer all of the questions regarding marital status, ethnicity, gender, age, education, employment, income, own/rent, etcetera. When the quota of a category is filled (e.g. – single, white, female, 20-25, college graduate, self-employed, $150-$175K /yr, rent…) it is an accurate reflection of the percentage of those meeting that description in the district or population polled based upon the latest census. A small but proportionate number of respondents in the hundreds can represent the opinions of millions after allowing for an error factor, usually within +/- 3%. The error factor can occur because of a flawed poll or because people sometimes say one thing and vote differently.
    Just because you disagree with the results does not invalidate them. Only time will tell.

    February 18, 2016,5:57 pm

  2. claire west

    Cadidates have to stop giving names to each other…or we will have clinton at the office 😱😱😱

    February 16, 2016,8:19 pm

  3. jo

    I don’t think your poll is even close to being accurate!!!

    February 16, 2016,4:40 pm

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