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Who Won The 10th GOP Debate?

by Bradley Matthews

Which candidate won the 10th GOP debate on Feb. 25th?










Who do you think won the 10th GOP debate?

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  1. Velma

    Trump all the way

    February 29, 2016,4:07 pm

  2. Ray

    To all you followers of Adolf Hitler Trump!!! He will not win. This isn’t Germany in the 1940’s!!

    February 27, 2016,4:34 pm

  3. Ewald Weber

    WAKE UP!! Too many people are buying what Trump is selling, without taking the time to THINK.

    Trump claims to be a Conservative, yet he has said he favors a single payer government controlled healthcare system (A Liberal’s dream). He said this in the last couple days, so he can’t deflect and say it was his position years ago.

    Trump claims he is opposed to illegal immigration, yet he was fined $1Million for using illegals to build a casino and is currently hiring illegals in Florida resorts. He said he couldn’t find anyone that wanted to work as waiters and busboys, so he HAD to hire illegals. Yeah, I’m sure waiters wouldn’t want to get all the big tips available at a luxury resort and would rather work at Denny’s.

    Trump jumped all over Vincente Fox (ex-President of Mexico) for saying he wasn’t paying for the F-ing wall. He made a big deal about Fox dropping an F-bomb, but seems to have forgotten the F-bomb he dropped in a speech in New Hampshire two weeks ago. Too often, Trump doesn’t filter what goes from his brain to his mouth. It’s cute and entertaining now, but is that what you really want in the White House?

    You don’t have to be a genius to see through Trump. He’s all BS and bluster. He talks in grand sweeping generalities and avoids specifics. When he lies, he blames all the other candidates for lying. When asked questions for which he has no answers, he attacks the questioner in hopes that his lack of knowledge won’t be exposed. He plays on the emotions of the crowd, by saying: I’ll build a great wall; I’ll bring back jobs from China/Mexico; I’ll make America Great again; I’ll make the military great again, etc., etc. When pressed on HOW he’ll do those things, he beats his chest and says, I’m Trump. I do great things.”

    Sadly, too many people are buying the hype and don’t seem to be concerned about HOW he’s going to accomplish anything. It’s time to stop being star struck and start scrutinizing Trump more closely, or we’re going to have the next iteration of Obama. In case you’ve forgotten, everyone got caught up in emotion and didn’t look at the obvious flaws in Obama’s background. Once the hype cooled down, it was apparent from information available BEFORE the election, that Obama was a radical Socialist. I don’t think any of us KNOW what Trump really is.

    Trump is NOT a Conservative. He spent most of his life being a Liberal Democrat and he would have us believe he has just “seen the light” within the last year. He points to Reagan and says he he was a Liberal Democrat at one time too. That’s true, but Reagan was a Conservative Republican for 20 years, before he ran for President. I’m still not sure what Trump is, but are we willing to risk the country and the next Supreme Court Justice nomination in the HOPE, that we aren’t being conned. Cruz, Rubio and Kasich are all better choices. Carsen is a good man, but I think he would be eaten alive during a general election.

    PLEASE try to quit allowing emotion to cloud your views and THINK. There are so many inconsistencies in what Trump says, that I’m surprised any rational individual would blindly buy into his hype, without asking more questions.

    February 27, 2016,4:18 pm

  4. tanae

    If you think the republican party is still conservative….wake up…..if they were so conservative we would NOT have the country in the mess it is…when they are in control they are wosses…you cannot only blame the liberals when the republicans are more worried of what the democrats say than representing the people…….thus the people want someone OTHER THAN A POLITICIAN….if we put another politician in the White House….this country will be doomed…..Trump may be arrogant….and yes he has changed parties…but considering our Republicans GAVE IN TO OBAMA AND THE DEMS….no one can really say anything…..Trump will however, CALL BOTH PARTIES OUT! He will let the american people see WHAT THESE ELITISTS ARE LIKE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS……BOTH SIDES….NO politician will do that…THEY ARE TO CONCERNED WITH BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT….GETTING THEIR DONATIONS FROM THE LOBBYISTS WHICH IS A FACT…….as to Cruz….although he would make a great Supreme court justice….the senate hates him….so he can not get anything done……Rubio, playing his “trump inherited 200 million” lies….and some of his other garbage….cannot get the vote….besides…HE AND THE 8 WERE behind the bill to let the floodgates open for the illegals! Now we have the head of the senate saying that even if the people vote for Trump….the republican party will run away from him……SO MUCH FOR WE THE PEOPLE! YEP, POLITICS AS USUAL…….
    In what was supposed to be a conservative party! I AM a Christian conservative!! And I AM voting for Trump!

    February 27, 2016,3:34 pm

  5. Denise

    Those voting must not be conservative because Trump is not a Conservative. He could not even define Conservative.

    February 27, 2016,10:50 am

  6. Jill E McLean

    Cruz is a liar. Cruz says what’s right for the day. He lied to the people of Iowa about Carson the night of the caucus. Then Cruz apologized to Carson the next day. It was too late the caucuses were closed. Cruz has never apologized to the people of Iowa for invalidating their caucus. He claims he won the caucus, he did underhandedly. Cruz sent out fliers that were made to look governmental telling people they had to vote for him. “By their actions you will know them.” “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”

    February 26, 2016,11:44 pm

  7. Kathy

    Trump is a idiot! All he does is argue and he isn’t a true conservative anyway. He donates to the Clintons, he believed in abortion, same sex marriage, he saw nothing wrong with illegals coming into our country. Sure he talks like he is a republican and a Christian but has never acted like one before this election. None of those 3 that were up there yelling back and forth at each other don’t deserved to be president. Now Carson is a different matter, he would make an excellent president and not give this election to the dems because of their actions on stage!

    February 26, 2016,11:38 pm


    marco rubio is not Donal Trump, is to late for him. Rubio is waaaaay too young, inexperienced and too rehearsed.He is owned by the Kcoh brothrs. He needs another 8 years of growth. The last thing we need is a mother junior senator who speaks well. We need a does and accomplished man, someone who has a history of getting results. Mr. Trump is the most qualified to lead. He will bring this country to his former glory!

    February 26, 2016,11:13 pm

  9. Josephine

    Trump is an egomaniac go back to where you came from.

    February 26, 2016,7:18 pm

  10. Nancy Melson

    Trump all the way!!

    February 26, 2016,7:13 pm

  11. Gen Yvette Sutton

    Trump is the man for the times. TrusTed is not a conservative. Watch for Anita Hoge’s interview about Cruz on International Business tomorrow.

    February 26, 2016,7:06 pm

  12. Nelson

    People have heard political statements. For yrs. trump wants to create jobs. Stop the threat of terrorists in our country. He has put up what he has said. I seen it in Iowa. I was a doughter of trump. But when I went to see all the candidates. Except Carson. I heard the same old stuff I been hearing for the last 35 yrs. both parties speak with out producing. They say what they want u to believe. That there way is going to get America back on course. Our country is 21 trillion in debt. That’s a lot. And Washington has caused this. Both sides. Are at fault. I was born in California and lived there for 24 yrs. I saw the illegal immigrants take over California. They are good people. Trump thinks this. But what I saw how they have abused our freedom Liberty. Needs to stop. They need to become legal Americans. Trump what’s to help. The gang of 8 want to put a fine on them. Trump wants them to come here leagaly. What’s wrong with that

    February 26, 2016,6:45 pm

  13. Kathy Parker

    This is rigged for Trump. Tried to vote for Marco Rubio. Would not let me!!!!!

    February 26, 2016,6:23 pm

  14. James Jacobs

    Wait until after Super Tuesday. Both Cruz and Rubio need the big money people to stay in the race. When Trump wins all the states except maybe Texas, and he may win it, They will start pulling their money. They didn’t get where they are by backing losers. If anyone thinks they can beat Hillary or Bernie, How do they explain why they can’t even beat Trump?

    February 26, 2016,5:54 pm

  15. Carolyn Graves

    Trump won hands down. Yes he speaks his mind, but if the shoe fits!!! He only had one and a half untruths, yet the cruz and marko had several more!!

    February 26, 2016,5:50 pm

  16. style katuta

    Yo poll is evil. Ted Cruz I winning besides only Texans should vote. It makes no sense. If Americans think so Iam afraid their thinking is totile that’s why Trump calls them stupid.

    February 26, 2016,5:14 pm

  17. Tj Thompson

    Talking the most, and talking over people, and badmouthing others, and insulting everyone does not mean you’ve won a debate. Both Rubio and Cruz brought up legitimate concerns and both offered ways they would get things done. Trump never once said how he’d do anything. “Moderator: how will you get mexico to pay for the wall? Trump: I’ll do it, and the wall just got 10 feet higher”. How again is Donald going to get them to pay for the wall? “Moderator: Mr. Trump, you said on my show that you would release your tax returns. Will you be releasing your tax returns? Trump: Good thing no one watches your show anyway”. Will Trump be releasing his returns? Interview after the debate, Trump explains he can’t release returns because he is being audited. Why? Maybe because he’s such a strong Christian he’s being targeted? This strong Christian who thinks 2nd Corinthians is “two corinthians”. The guy is an egotistical, spoiled brat, farce of a candidate who offers nothing but what angry people want to hear without ever having to actually explain how he’ll get it done. He’s a Republican (at least for this election) version of Obama and equally bad for the country.

    February 26, 2016,5:11 pm

  18. Elsie Paroz

    Watch out, Donald, they are out to get you!!

    February 26, 2016,5:08 pm

  19. Elsie Paroz

    Go TRUMP

    February 26, 2016,5:07 pm

  20. Leigh Ann Triplette

    Stand your ground Trump, but I would watch my back. The establishment in Washington are scared and dangerous, and will do anything to get rid of you

    February 26, 2016,9:08 am

  21. Kaye Pullen

    Trump led with insults, interruptions, lies,and whining. Cruz and Kasich led with logic, sincerity and honesty.

    February 26, 2016,1:44 am

  22. David

    Great job Trump the media bashes you Cruz Rubio we can take them all down roll on Trump

    February 25, 2016,11:39 pm

  23. Frank Lameira

    Trump chewed them up and spit them out!

    February 25, 2016,11:32 pm

  24. Robert Rossi

    He made the two politicians look like the fools they are!! Trump!!!

    February 25, 2016,11:31 pm

  25. Johnny lydon

    Trump chewing Ass like it was steak!

    February 25, 2016,11:27 pm

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