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Who Will Win Super Tuesday?

by Bradley Matthews

Which GOP candidate win will the most states on Super Tuesday (March 1, 2016)? Vote in our poll below to make your prediction!










Which GOP candidate will win the most states on Super Tuesday?

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  1. Jan

    Trump is the man! I am 57 years old and have never felt so good about a candidate in all my years. Go Donald Trump!!!

    March 1, 2016,3:53 pm

  2. Josephine

    I hope for our country’s sake it will be Ted Cruz and/or Marco Rubio. Trump is nothing but a phony and he would pay under the table anyone he can that would vote for him. He is nothing but a circus performer. I am so shocked that some Republicans are coming out and endorsing him for one Jeff Sessions he must have been promised something by this fraud.

    February 29, 2016,5:24 pm

  3. Jerry

    America needs a business perspective running this country. All my long life I listened to critics complain of government abuse and waist because we have not been run as a business. Now we have, and need, that perspective in Donald Trump.

    February 29, 2016,5:20 pm

  4. Gen Yvette Sutton

    All the way Trump!

    February 29, 2016,3:48 pm

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