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Who Will Win The 11th GOP Debate?

by Bradley Matthews

Who will win the 11th GOP debate on March 3rd? Vote in our poll below!











Who will win the 11th GOP debate?

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  1. Nelson Green

    Way to go Mr Trump

    100% Trump

    March 4, 2016,3:55 pm

  2. Cl Jezek

    that gravy train needs to end. We have so many sitting on their butts that of course they don’t want Trump in. The rest are all on our payroll for doing nothing but causing problems for the people. Trump does’nt need us to get rich.

    March 3, 2016,8:08 pm

  3. Carol Rose

    The Evil Mitt,Rhino Establishment And Rats Are Trying To Discredit Trump With Their LIES Because They Are So Afraid That Their Gravy train Is Over If Trump Becomes The Next President Of The USA He Will Protect The USA And Put A End To Their Unfairness Towards Good Hard Working Americans To.

    March 3, 2016,1:26 pm

  4. Lloyd

    We the people of America want our president we elect. Not what the odds gang of gopher wants. There will be hell to pay if drunk is not a nominated and you sons of b****** come on your American people will be at your f****** door ready to let you know your asses out I just wish we had the guts our past grandfather’s had I still wish we had tar and feathered politicians this probably won’t get through because limp wrist Rhino liberal sons of b****** like Romney are probably behind this go home Romney nobody wants your ass limp wristed bastard no guts I am 100% this abled combat vet silver bronze excetera Stars. Vietnam and Korea in the late sixties when Pablo was captured I can’t use my fingers I used talk texting excuse my typing for you little bastards who want to find flaws on everything Americans do sign freedom calls US Army DAV retired

    March 2, 2016,11:03 pm

  5. Jaimie

    I believe in the Donald. He will be our next President. The GOP needs to give up on trying to trash him. If they do, it will be an all out war with the people. It is clear who we want and the Donald is winning the MOST states.

    March 2, 2016,7:05 pm

  6. Connie

    The GOP should leave Donald alone. It Gets me angry that all keep trying to stop him

    March 2, 2016,6:52 pm

  7. Margi Peterson

    You people who are so drunk on Trumpaid scare me to death! Trump has nothing but words! He has NO real ideas as to what he will DO if he gets elected and he changes the words every 5 seconds. Ted Cruz actually has a resume that will knock your socks off! Take the time to read it! He has stood up for us and the Constitution ever since he’s been in the Senate and before. Arguing cases in front of the Supreme Court and Fed. Courts before that! He has sponsored or written so many bills in the Senate that were for the good of we the people! He fought the establishment and Obama every step of the way! That’s why they hate him! They know they can’t control him! They can’t control Trump either, and that, in his case is scary for all of us. Trump is a loud mouthed bully who says he wins debates, but what he actually does, is yell so loud when another candidate has his turn to talk, that nobody can hear what he’s saying! That isn’t debating, that’s being a bully! He didn’t sweep all states yesterday, Ted Cruz WON the 2 biggest states we have, Alaska and Texas and WON Oklahoma too! He has beaten Trump 4 times, and can continue to beat him if you would just realize how dangerous putting Trump in the White House will be. Trump has bad anger issues. He can’t control his anger or his actions. Do you really want him to be in charge of our nuclear arsenal? Do you really want those missiles in the hands of a bully who likes nothing better than revenge?

    March 2, 2016,4:54 pm


    We the people have spoken and we want Trump. The establishment needs to man up and except that we are tired of the same ole thing in Washington. NO CLINTON’S NO BUSH’S, let us be free of big Government and the Obama style beatings.

    March 2, 2016,4:34 pm

  9. Shirley

    America had no party in her beginning and she was pure; now we have party and nothing but corruption. Vote for the person not the party, how ignorant people are. If Trump doesn’t win I beleive there will be a civil war. One way or another the people will get the country back!!!!!!!!!!

    March 2, 2016,4:33 pm

  10. Shirley

    Corrupt Government is going to try to put Lieing theifing clinton in so they can keep stealing from the American workers. I’m tired of supporting them and their illegals, enough is enough. When they allow illegals to vote in our election they have lost their freaking minds and need to be put out of office now, they are all traitors thats why Obummer is still there and not in jail for his treason!
    Wake up America, Trump is our only hope. And those celebrities are humans nothing more we made them rich too, they put their cloths on the same way we do. I am sick of all of this BS!!!!!

    March 2, 2016,4:29 pm

  11. Patricia Hamilton

    Mr.Trump will be the Republican nominee by way of votes by these citizens of the United States. All conservative organizations and the GOP better support him completely.

    March 2, 2016,4:00 pm

  12. Elizabeth

    The GOP wants Rico to bad.I will vote for Trump.The GOP needs to back Trump because who people wants.That mean they not listening to the people. Its only matter what they want as the other party does.

    March 2, 2016,3:58 pm

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