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Should Marco Rubio Exit The Race Before Florida?

by Bradley Matthews

Should Sen. Marco Rubio drop out of the GOP primary race before the Florida primary? See the cartoon and tell us what you think.


  1. robert duverger

    hasta la vista.

    May 23, 2016,5:47 pm

  2. MaryAnn

    He is young enough that he can run another time. Sorry to see him go .

    March 11, 2016,8:38 pm

  3. Pamela Sue Wheeler

    Yes Marco Rubio should quit the presidential race and so should Ted Cruz who should not be allowed to run because he was NOT Born in the Great United States of America. It has nothing to do with citizenship. The Constitution of the United States says you have to be born in the United States to run for President or Vice President.

    March 11, 2016,8:21 pm

  4. Elizabeth Evans

    Yes, he should drop out.

    March 11, 2016,9:29 am

  5. Thomas Harr ll

    Absolutely he has no chance of winning the Republican nomination. He’s going to ruin he political career.

    March 11, 2016,8:59 am

  6. Alma

    Can’t win if you drop out

    March 11, 2016,12:10 am

  7. Harry Madera

    Yes Rubio should exit now!! Before he gets embarrassed for losing his home state!!

    March 10, 2016,11:24 pm

  8. Janet Woods

    You missed your turn, Rubio. You are out.

    March 10, 2016,7:23 pm

  9. Thomas Mann

    Yes. He cannot win, and he can only help Trump. Let it go, Marco.

    March 10, 2016,5:33 pm

  10. Brenda

    Marco is our candidate..

    March 10, 2016,5:20 pm

  11. Brenda

    Roll on Marco..

    March 10, 2016,5:18 pm

  12. Sonia Nadachowski Moroz

    I wish I knew what candidate will benefit if Rubio exits the race before the Florida’s primary; if Ted Cruz will benefit, I will say yes, but if Trump will benefit, I will say no. Americans must understand that Trump will not beat Hillary. Besides, the majority of republicans won’t be voting for Trump if he is the nominee, as he is a democrat/liberal, so it will be like voting for Hillary. Americans must vote for Ted Cruz as he is the only candidate that as nominee will beat Hillary. Also, Ted Cruz is the only one that with God’s help will save America!

    March 10, 2016,4:51 pm

  13. Steven

    Yes let the top two work things out

    March 10, 2016,4:35 pm

  14. Barbara Banks

    Of course he should, the Americans would like to choose whom we want, NOT who the Washington GOP elite (so THEY think).
    This is a disgrace the way Donald Trump is being harassed. The people have spoken!

    March 10, 2016,4:14 pm

  15. Larry Craig

    no, he should apologize to Trump and the public for his comments, explain why he did what he did, and then go back to what made him rise in the polls in the first place. Time to get tough.

    March 10, 2016,3:52 pm

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