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Who Won The 12th GOP Debate?

by Bradley Matthews

Which GOP candidate won the 12th GOP debate? Vote below!










Who won the 12th GOP debate?

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  1. Khanh

    Think before you vote this time.
    You people voted for Obama last 2 times “I didn’t ” look what we end up with….? Everything Obama done is gone south. He fucks up this country so bad is beyond unthinkable and unforgettable. Thanks Obama go back to your Muslim country where you belong and stay there.

    March 15, 2016,6:22 am

  2. Khanh

    I’m tired of Washington politicians all they do is arguing no resolve. Maybe is the time to change Washington Cartel by voting for Trump.

    March 15, 2016,6:09 am

  3. Mary

    Donald Trump…….The only man for President!!!!!

    March 14, 2016,11:23 am

  4. carolyn blachek

    Yea I pick Don Trump I see he is very intelligent has a great history of accomplishments and will think all the problems through and GET THE JOBS DONE successfully. And has the Brass to acknowledge who is not performing well at their Jobs………….He is for the people and not selfish. The other candidate except Dr.Carson have lines learned and have not any history of great accomplishments and honors all over the world. They never could handle the big numbers of the debt of wheel and dealing Trump and Carson have it all even though they are outsiders. Trump and Carson are NOT SELFISH CHEATING LIARS.

    March 12, 2016,11:05 am

  5. Michael J

    I would rate Cruz first and Trump last. The others really don’t matter however I think they both preformed better than Trump based on the substance of their answers.
    As a New Yorker I knew of The Donald some 30 years ago, who remembers the Central Park ice ring? He really was a bit of a local celebrity even back then. To listen to his answers compared to Ted is night and day. Ted demonstrates a clear knowledge of the situation and gave very specific comprehensive answers to the questions asked. Donald did what any east coast businessman does “sell the sizzle” with the same handful of phrases: “That deal was a very very bad deal, very bad!”, “those people over there are very special, very beautiful people, we need better negotiators, I am a great negotiator. What the heck does any of that mean???
    The last time the people voted in a guy with a great tag line and no specific plan we got OBAMA lets not make the same mistake again. That being said will I vote for the Republican nomination over an avowed socialist or a felon, of course

    March 12, 2016,10:37 am

  6. David

    There are intelligent conservatives yet, who lead with courage, whom we can follow with respect and love.

    Ted Cruz is a man of his word, who will not manipulate his friends; who has brilliant courage, and the brightest mind in the Senate. He has had the courage to challenge President Obama and the Democratic Party’s reckless spending, and he fights tirelessly for the rights of unborn children.

    Take heart, conservatives! Join me in supporting Ted Cruz. You’re making a difference.

    March 12, 2016,1:36 am

  7. Lea Meyers

    My heavens, what a nest of little Trumpers this site has become. Don’t ANY of you have a CLUE what’s going on? You have decided to turn the United States of America over to a “leader” who has NO CLUE how to run a government, all because he’s not politically correct. Good for him on that, but that is NOT a qualification for the presidency. If he wins the Republican nomination, TRUMP WILL LOSE TO HILLARY CLINTON (he is the ONLY one of the 4 Republican candidates still in the race who CANNOT beat her in a head-to-head race. And if he DOES somehow manage to get elected, he will FAIL miserably because running a country the size and complexity of the USA is NOT like running a hotel/casino empire or a TV reality show. And Trump has NO IDEA how to do it.

    March 12, 2016,1:21 am

  8. Corinne Vitale

    Ann Marie
    #Trump won the debate!! Cruz was trying to agitate Trump but Trump didn’t bite. Trump showed he was presidential,
    Trump defiantly knows the Constitution better than you and me, Trump is someone we can be proud of as a president! his leadership shows in the way he has succeeded threw his life, and the love of our country & it’s people. TRUMP/CARSON would be so great!

    March 11, 2016,5:57 pm

  9. Laurie Ann Fontana

    My vote is only for Donald J Trump!He is Brilliant & Will Make America Strong, Safe, & Great Again! God Bless Trump God Bless America & God Bless Us All!

    March 11, 2016,5:39 pm

  10. Ann Marie

    What debate did these people watch? They must be willfully blind. Nobody can complain about Obama voters, again. Trump is a narcissist, bigger than Obama. Huge.

    Trump has no clue what the Constitution is about and that is disqualifying. Not only is that disqualifying, but it makes him as dangerous as Obama. Another Constitution-trampling President is not what we need; Obama Redux is not what this country needs.

    Trump shoots from the hip (lip) then walks back virtually all his responses. But that is what he always does when he gets blowback. With everything else, he is clueless about leadership, too. He equates “Strongman” tactics with leadership.

    America wake-up. Finally, say no to this kind of demagoguery.

    March 11, 2016,4:58 pm

  11. Paul Meierhenry

    Triump is ego ass!

    March 11, 2016,4:15 pm

  12. Barbara

    So very happy…he is the man that will make America great again! What America should always be!

    March 11, 2016,3:52 pm

  13. Debra

    GO TRUMP!!!!

    March 11, 2016,3:13 pm

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