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Cartoon: As Trump Races Ahead, Can GOP Elites Slow Him Down?

by Bradley Matthews

Donald Trump is the undisputed GOP frontrunner — to the consternation of many in the party elite and the media. Can they slow Trump down?



    We WILL see!!

    March 15, 2016,12:11 am

  2. Harry Lopes

    The running dogs of the republican establishment elites r telling u the ‘small people” to sit down and shut up and do what they;’THE BIG PEOPLE TELL U’! We the small people r telling u THE BIG PEOPLE, That time is over the revolution is here :-]

    March 14, 2016,6:54 pm

  3. Sara frazier

    I hope that Ted Cruz will stop him. Otherwise, will end up with a vulgar, pro-choice, although he says that he is pro-life. Videos don’t lie.with a young wife that character can be questioned., ( pictures don’t lie). That will make harsh decisions. Look how divided the country has become. Will be getting an emperor. Will become a third country.

    March 14, 2016,5:44 pm

  4. Sara frazier

    Sarah Palin left her very badly hurt husband in the hospital to rally for Trump!! What does he have on her? She looks like she didn’t even combed her hair! Just remember he pays everybody . Even people who he urges to punch others on his behalf. I really feel sorry for Palin. I still don’t think that she is doing much for Trump since Mr. Cruz won Alaska! Trump is pushing her to do this. She doesn’t look comfortable.

    March 14, 2016,5:08 pm

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