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Mike Huckabee Calls Out Erick Erickson and GOP Elites!

by Bradley Matthews

“I’m not going to go start a third party or try to blow up the Republican Party because I didn’t get my way. I accept that in an election, voters make this decision.” — Gov. Mike Huckabee


  1. Joseph St.Clair

    Mike Huckabee , is an honest well grounded Christian , and politician , he gets his balance from his faith in Christ and God !!!
    Unfortunately he was a governor from Arkansas ,and , you know who controls Arkansas , I always thght the Republican Party never trusted him , like they never trusted Reagan as a conservative !!!

    Republican Party leaders today should come together as one , but they are so divided it’s makes you question ,their loyalty too America , are they one dimensional republicans or simply opportuntists !!
    One dimensionally , means the republic of Texas ,(Cruz ) or the republic of Arizona (mc Cain ) , both in opposition to the American republic in becoming !!!

    While everyone knows your name , in Minnesota (joke) and Wisconsin total progressive pork belly Socialist’s !!!
    Why they hate Manhattan NYC is beyound me , that’s where America started out with Geo Washington being sworn in there !!!
    Few people know history , one way or another everything must come fullest of circle , why the nominees both are register in Manhattan !!!
    The good news is that over the next three years Greece (democratic birth place ) will be destroyed seismically earthquakes , while financially it is etc ,
    Along with the whole EU , NWOrder so good news travels quickly and Pompeii isn’t far behind as both will implode simultaneously !!!

    October 25, 2016,7:00 pm

  2. Anna Shellner

    Huckabee is a sell out. Just like Palin money talks.

    March 23, 2016,12:46 pm

  3. Susan

    You are a good man 🙏 Goodyear AZ will vote for Trump 🙏👍

    March 18, 2016,7:32 pm

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