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Should Obama Have Gone To Cuba?

by Bradley Matthews

Should President Obama have gone to Communist Cuba to meet with dictator Raul Castro? Vote in our member poll below!










Should President Obama have gone to Communist Cuba to meet with dictator Raul Castro?

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  1. Earl Young

    Obama a trader

    March 28, 2016,4:20 pm

  2. Roslyn McCarty

    The world burns, while our president watchs a baseball game with a Communist dictatoršŸ˜”

    March 27, 2016,1:42 pm

  3. Roslyn McCarty

    The world burns, while our president sets at a ballgame with a communist president watching a game..

    March 27, 2016,1:34 pm

  4. Michael O'Mara

    We should have sent Obama to Gitmo and confined him there in isolation for the remainder of his misrable distructive life. That punishment for what he has done to America and all her citizens may not be severe enough but we can multiply it by a factor of 25 or greater by confining him with his lovely wife and his accomplices like Reid, Pelosi, Kerry, etc.

    March 25, 2016,2:42 am

  5. Wanda McCulloch

    I despise that creature.

    March 24, 2016,7:27 pm

  6. M Kras

    Onca an idiot always an idiot.

    March 24, 2016,6:43 pm

  7. Debby Barlow-Cogar

    Mr. Obama has never gone anywhere to show our support for any of the high officials who have died or been attacked. He sends someone else. He does however go to Africa, etc. to morn the death of their leader. He has showed no respect for anyone except the one’s he wants too. He spent millions of our hard earned money to go to a communist country and now he is in another socialist country dancing, and having a good time while people are being slaughtered by Terrorist. I hate it when he does go because he always puts America down. I just want the American people to wake up and finally see what is going on in this country before it is too late. MT thoughts are if he really hates America so much then why doesn’t he leave.

    March 24, 2016,10:02 am

  8. Tracy

    This Idiot has to much going on in this country. He should ABSOLUTELY be relieved of all of his duties He needs to be IMPEACHED NOW. He’s a no good Son of a Bitch. I have no respect for him or anyone in his family. The new President “Will” be Donald J. Trump. He “Will” make The United States of America Strong again. Donald Trump Is definitely the Only Choice. Unlike the waste of life in office now. I hate this guy obamass.

    March 23, 2016,11:18 pm

  9. Dan Stewart

    If he were going to stay, I would have voted yes.

    March 23, 2016,10:27 pm

  10. Dorris

    Hasn’t any one on top of things that goes on in OUR CORRUPT government ever taken notice Obama leave and a crises hits???
    George Bush did the same thing when 911 happened he JUST happen to be setting in a class room. when a man came in and whispered to him they just struck another tower he didn’t move.There are pictures of that.WE have the MOST INCOMPETENT Congress and Senate.Thjere a bbunch of TRAIRTORSA AND WE HASVE HAD ENOUGH OF THE CRIMINALS IN OUR WHITE HOUSE. AND WE WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT it. WE HAVE ENOUGH PROOF,But so do they.WE DO NOT TRUST RTHGEM AND THEY ARE NOT GOING TO GETNBY WITH IT ANY MOREV THERE GAMES ARE OVER> WWQE HAVE OPENED OUR EYES TO THE TRUTH. AND WILL NO LONGER LISTEN TO A THING THEY SAY. BUT THEY DAM WELL BETTER HERE WHAT WE HAVE TO SAY.WE ARE GOING TO RETURN THE THE ACTION FOR THE PEOPLE THEY HAVE MURDERED. And BARACK YOUR SECURITY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROTECT YOU. people want to see why Congress is letting all this happen and Doing NOTHING ABOUT?? Let me give yo a couple of site to TRUTH.
    1) go to You Tube and type. “THE DIRTY SECRETS OF THE GEORGE W BUSH’S”. 2) http://rense,com/general67/aale.htm

    March 23, 2016,6:15 pm

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