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Cruz Weighs In On Trump Staffer Corey Lewandowski

by Bradley Matthews

“The culture of the Trump campaign has been a campaign built on attacks, on insults, and I think there is no place in politics for insults, for personal attacks, for going to the gutter, and there should be no place for physical violence either.” — Ted Cruz


  1. Rick Pruden

    Cruz is a two faced typical Politician that will take any opportunity to make himself seem like God’s answer to a perfect candidate. His lies and demeanor make me sick, he reminds me of a rat looking for a free meal, sneaky lazy and calculated. I hope the people in this country see him for who he really is…a liar and poltician that has no scrupples and epitomizes what dirty politics is all about…..

    April 1, 2016,4:51 pm


    This campaign has really revealed the true character of Ted Cruz as a bitter, sneaky and disgruntled politician. If Cruz was the front runner like Trump has been for several months now, he would not be able to stand the Liberal and Media heat that Mr. Trump has been able to withstand all this while. This is why the more media/Liberal attack and distraction on Trump, the stronger I and all those who want to make America great again will stand with him.

    March 31, 2016,11:38 pm

  3. Red

    I don’t care what Ted Cruz says. He’s just another turncoat Republican. Just look at his voting record in the past. And he has the NERVE to criticize Trump!!! At least Trump is the real deal, as blundering and as plain-talking as the average citizen, and that’s who we need — NOT another slick lying attorney!!!!! The REAL CLUE is that socialist world leaders are telling Hillary Clinton that they don’t like Trump — and that alone is a SOLID REASON to vote for TRUMP!!!!

    March 31, 2016,9:15 pm

  4. Josephine

    This is one of the worst presidential campaigns I’ve ever encountered how about talking about issues instead of denigrated one another and their spouses. I like Ted Cruz and tell me what politician[s] haven’t been in the gutter do you all have such perfect backgrounds if so why don’t some w/perfection throw there hat in the ring and see what comes out of your friends/families about any of you.

    March 30, 2016,6:12 pm

  5. Harry

    You hear of Ted Cruz talking about Donald Trump being in the gutter I have heard a lot of Ted Cruz being in the gutter I believe Donald Trump is the best thing for the country at this time I believe he will surround himself his party with the smartest people that will guide in to do the best thing for our country the media have asked Donald Trump questions that have not been as two other candidates then they take his answers and do a sound bite of only the negative remarks and also some of the photos that they display Donald Trump is by far not the most intelligent speaker I believe he has a lot of passion for the country some of the other candidates when they are asked a question they give you a 10 minute story and still leave you without an answer Donald Trump States what is on his mind in that moment I believe if he would take time to better prepare the way he speaks he would went over the doubts of many of people but his intentions are good and he needs to just slow down hand-speak with a clear mind for his heart is already in the right place

    March 30, 2016,5:32 pm

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