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You Won’t Believe The Simple Trick The FBI Used To Crack The Terrorist iPhone

by Bradley Matthews

You’re not going to believe the simple trick the FBI finally used to crack the iPhone used by the San Bernardino terrorists!


  1. Dewey Ketner

    As a 10 yr old, my father
    Told me, read, read, read
    Non fiction, for what you
    Put in your mind no one
    Can take away! Also believe nothing that you
    Hear, 1/2 of what you see
    And take a good 2nd look.
    Politicians are born liars
    A lawyers go to school for
    8 yrs to learn how to lie.
    Politicans are elected to
    Serve US, NOT THEIR
    greedy deep pockets.
    All voted for political offices should be for ONE
    TERM OF SIX (6) YRS. and could be voted OUT
    AT 3 yrs by popular vote.

    March 31, 2016,5:08 pm

  2. Pedro Perez

    Cruz says that abortion dignifies a woman? That is murder mr Cruz. She should face legal action.doctors that performs abortions should also face legal action.

    March 31, 2016,4:40 pm

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