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Has Our Political Rhetoric Gotten Too Childish?

by Bradley Matthews

With the two main GOP candidates fighting over their wives, among other things, one is left to ask: has our political climate become too childish? See the cartoon…


  1. oldpete

    Some of the usually rational conservative web sites seem to have lost their mind. The effort by some to prevent Donald Trump from being the Republican candidate border on the paranoid. The daily routine of branding all of those who have voted for Trump (over one third of the votes cast so far) as somehow mentally defective is itself insane. To purposely insult and alienate that large of a portion of the republican voter base will insure that Hillary, not any Republican nominee, becomes the next President. That being the case she will be in position to nominate three or four extremely liberal supreme court justices. That horrid prospect seems not to register in their mind.

    March 31, 2016,5:34 pm

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