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Trump Explains The Problem With Obamacare

by Bradley Matthews

“In Obamacare, you’re getting things you’ll never use.” — Donald Trump


  1. Lynne

    There is a reason that if a pregnant woman is killed–the perp is charged with TWO murders! The reason is that the baby is a human too…simple but profound fact…

    April 5, 2016,9:13 pm

  2. Ilene

    I am so sick of women saying they can do what they want with their body. Listen girls once your pregnant it is NO longer just your body it is your baby’s too !

    April 4, 2016,8:54 pm

  3. Don Brehaut

    I am against baby killing (period not question mark). It is a morally skewed society that cares more about animal rights and eating your veggies than caring about the unborn. Common sense at its lowest level tells you that you don’t invade the womb and cut up a generation of babies and wonder why our population is dropping like a rock. If you took a serious look at the issue you would be ashamed but years of liberal driven union controlled public education has managed to successfully graduate myriads unthinking heartless leaders who lack the moral courage to stand up and say “no more baby killing”!

    April 4, 2016,7:10 pm

  4. Josephine

    In today’s society there are sooooo many means of contraceptives that there should be no unwanted pregnancies unless it is Rape and/or Incest. No woman should be put in prison under the circumstances stated above. What a woman does with her body should be between her and her husband and her doctor.

    April 4, 2016,5:14 pm

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