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Sorry, Reince Priebus — The People Control What Happens

by Bradley Matthews

“The nice thing is Washington doesn’t control what happens, the delegates control what happens. And the delegates are elected by the people. If there’s a contested convention, 80% of the delegates are going to be Cruz delegates or Trump delegates.” — Ted Cruz


  1. Sue denton

    Ted – you are not eiglible be president cuz you are not born in USA, you wanna to be the follower “puppet” Obama. Super pac did help you won Wisconsin Primary and you have to do what Super Pac tell you what to do as you are puppet! Super pac are expectation it from you a big favor. You don’t have balls and you have lies,smear,blame someone but not yourself , and you are not trustworthy be president . It’s scary thought! As RNC is out of respect and untrustworthy this worse delegrates is not clear what it should be. In Fact: 2007 to now RNC are cheating and stealing delegrates which is true! GLad that Donald Trump did speak up about that unfair and stealing so that people needs to know that what people’s right to vote and people have to right to know.

    April 6, 2016,4:15 pm

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