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Cartoon: Trump ♥’s New York!

by Bradley Matthews

Donald Trump won the New York primary with an overwhelming amount of votes. See the cartoon to see why Trump ♥’s New York!


  1. James

    Trump all the, it is time for Cruz to step down. He can’t win so he is trying to insult the voters by staying in and forcing a contested election. If they choose someone other than Trump, I and most of my friends will vote independent or write in Trump. This will almost certainly guarantee a liberal win.

    April 21, 2016,9:03 pm

  2. Sandra

    He should play by his own rules that he insists others should obey…..give him only the percentage of delegates according to his percentage of votes!!

    April 21, 2016,5:25 pm

  3. Linda Bethell

    Hey Donald, you have whined and complained recently EVERY time Ted Cruz won. SO, did you win New York because you finally found a state that would rig it for You???? Just asking….

    April 20, 2016,9:08 pm

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