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Trump Trashes The Tubman Twenty

by Bradley Matthews

“Maybe we do the $2 bill or we do another bill. I don’t like seeing it. Yes, I think it’s pure political correctness.” — Donald Trump


  1. Frustrated

    Hey, someone pointed out that she’s replacing a racist guy who started the Ddmocrat Party, and Tubman was a gun-toting REPUBLICAN!!!!! Haha! Obama might have thought he was doing good for his political correctness, but instead he’s putting a Republican gun rights supporter on the bill! Because of this, I’m all for it!

    April 25, 2016,9:40 pm

  2. larry ANDERSON

    one more time to plz the black race by a racist president

    April 25, 2016,10:30 am

  3. Cathy Therrell

    We are a nation in decline hb. We lost the culture wars with the gay marriage bill. Securing our borders is so important in this election.
    As we move forward, we need to remember the one thing we can’t do in heaven is to tell people about Jesus. Thank you for your post and rock on!

    April 22, 2016,10:31 am

  4. Cathy Therrell

    Also Michael, Ben Carson suggested the $2 bill first. I don’t think Dr. Carson wants blacks to be forgotten and he endorsed DT early on.

    April 22, 2016,10:12 am

  5. Cathy Therrell

    Agree Elizabeth! And $25 bill would be good. I know people who work for trump companies. They say he’s the least racist person they know. That David Duke slime and the Trump rally man who sucker-punched the black protestor did DT no favors.

    April 22, 2016,9:56 am

  6. Cathy Therrell

    Seriously Michael, does everything have to be racist? There were so few $2 bills printed and that’s why you don’t see them. I liked them and I like Tubman – she represents so much that’s good, and she was a republican! I would think blacks would honor her by voting republican.

    April 22, 2016,9:25 am

  7. Elizabeth

    With all the important things to discuss look at the subject matter. Liberal discord and disparagement, claiming Mr. Trump is a racist won’t wash. Why aren’t they saying that about Obama, the MOST RACIST president in American history. Leave our $20. bill alone, for the sake of argument we need a $25. dollar bill to be added to our currency, put her, or yes Susan B. Anthony on that.

    April 22, 2016,12:54 am

  8. Michael R Steinberg Attorney

    The two dollar bill is rarely seen..apparently Trump wants black people to be forgotten.

    April 21, 2016,9:40 pm

  9. luckyfoot

    They should put Obama and Tubman on the front and back of a 3$ bill.

    April 21, 2016,6:37 pm

  10. Katterkat

    I am a woman and believe the $$$ should have our founding fathers and dead great President’s on our currency. If a woman must be on one then let it be a women who helped all Women no matter what race, Creed or religion. That would be Susan B. Anthony

    April 21, 2016,6:04 pm

  11. Beverly Riddle

    I don’t see that it is trashing Tubman, it is a matter of leaving the $20 bill alone, leave them all alone for they are great people of our past. Go for the $2 bill or silver dollars to honor Tubman, stop being so politically correct to our deaths.

    April 21, 2016,5:54 pm

  12. hbcark

    Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of this Nation. He is known for founding the Democratic Party and for his support of individual liberty.

    We are not a Muslim. Buddhist, Hindu Nation, we are a Christian Nation. The secular humanist among us are trying to erase or Judeo-Christian heritage. We must turn back to God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ or we are a Nation in decline.

    April 21, 2016,5:36 pm

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