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Medal of Honor Recipient Tells Tale of Battlefield Heroism (Author Interview: Clinton Romesha)

In one of the most moving author interviews the Conservative Book Club has ever done, we interviewed Clinton Romesha Рone of four living Medal of Honor recipients who served in both Afghanistan and Iraq wars. He told us intimate details about the Battle of COP Keaton in Afghanistan, where 52 brave soldiers fought off a surprise attack from 300 Taliban fighters in October 2009.

For his bravery and heroism, he was awarded the Medal of Honor for leading the effort to dispel a Taliban surprise offensive offensive on the most northernmost US base in Iraq. All of this is meticulously detailed in his new book, “Red Platoon: A True Story of American Valor.”

Listen to the heralding interview as Staff Sgt. Romesha tells his story of courage, survival, and why America is worth fighting for in our exclusive podcast author interview below.

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