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Which GOP Candidate Will Win Indiana?

by Bradley Matthews

Which GOP candidate will win the Indiana primary? Vote in our CBC member poll below!










Which candidate will win the Indiana primary?

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  1. Laura G. Holmes

    Thank GOD the hoosier state took the only candidate in the race capable of turning the economy around and protecting America’s interests over the finish line last night. It is sad that certain people just do not have the common sense to get it! Mr. Trump will secure our borders. The republican establishment, the democrats, and other foreign countries were placed on notice last night that the American taxpayer will not be taken advantage of again. Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz are the only wolves in sheep’s clothing. Thank GOD the majority has spoken.

    May 4, 2016,9:18 am

  2. Jackie

    As a born Hoosier, I can only hope and pray my fellow Hoosiers have far better sense than the majority of the people who answered this poll. Still can’t figure out how in the world Donald Trump is running as a conservative. Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    May 3, 2016,6:14 pm

  3. Ronald Boehm

    Wow all you Trumpites have missed the lies that Trump told you. Like he is going to Repeal Gov run healthcare? ! Did you not hear him last September claiming he would “give” Everyone healthcare. Give = tax you till you have nothing left. He will force you to vote the way he wants you to vote, cause if you don’t you’ll be like “stupid Iowan’s” , and ya won’t deserve healthcare according to Trump’s IRS. Cruz will get rid of the IRS. Cruz = freedom +keeping more of your hard earned $$$$. Trump = bondage, the car salesman’s suckers. Stop smoking h I s dope.

    May 3, 2016,2:09 am

  4. Sylvia Boyet

    Trump 2016. Pls, Indiana, vote for Trump.

    May 2, 2016,11:16 pm

  5. Beverly Riddle

    As we were once living in IN, know their values, how the loss of jobs affected out town, saw factories close and people leave we know that they will be voting for Trump. I hope those that are employed at Carrier think about how their company almost left the country if not for Trump making them see reason.

    May 2, 2016,10:01 pm

  6. Laura G. Holmes

    Seriously, Lamarr, you are going to state that another human being is not a Christian or a Conservative. You do not know what type of relationship Donald Trump has with Christ. Knock it off before you come across as a buffoon. I am a highly intelligent Trump supporter. He is the only one looking out for the American people and will keep us safe. Ted (Raphael) Cruz has a proven track record of being a deceitful liar. The last time I checked, that goes against God’s commandments. THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS! Cruz needs to do the math and drop out of the race for the good of the United States of America. The people have spoken whether you like it or not!

    May 2, 2016,7:39 pm


    Trump is no Christian, no Conservative, no Republican, he is a lying ignorant retread democrat. He and his know nothing ignorant “instant” Republicans and their fellow dolts who woke up and voted the first time in an open primary want to Give the Republic to a buffoon. Cruz 2016 #nevertrump

    May 2, 2016,6:39 pm

  8. Albert

    LYIN’ TED Make Canada great again !! Go back to your Roots !!!!!!!!!!!!! USA doesn’t need a Rino !!!

    May 2, 2016,6:37 pm

  9. Albert

    NO CRUZ I MEAN LYIN’ TED. Ted I will send you a crying towel. Maybe you & Dreamer Kasick need to drop out of the race quick, VOTE TRUMP 2016 YR

    May 2, 2016,6:33 pm

  10. Sharron

    Make America Great Again. TRUMP! 2016

    May 2, 2016,6:17 pm

  11. Joseph Paz

    Vote for Cruz is a vote for make America safe again.

    May 2, 2016,6:17 pm

  12. Joseph Paz

    I am voting for Ted Cruz I doing this what is the best for our country. Vote for Cruz. Make America safe again.

    May 2, 2016,6:14 pm

  13. Joseph Paz

    I am voting for senator Ted Cruz . He need our help to stop Trump from winning the nomination. Vote for Cruz is a vote for our country to safer place again.

    May 2, 2016,6:06 pm

  14. John Tonnochy, Sr.

    J.Tonnochy, Sr.
    Without a doubt…..Donald Trump.
    In these critical times we don’t need “career politicians,”they will say or do anything to get re-elected, we also have too many gullible voters who will believe anything without doing their home work…….Mr.Trump all the way.

    May 2, 2016,6:00 pm

  15. Franklin Schiebel

    Donald. Trump all the way

    May 2, 2016,5:44 pm

  16. Jamie

    Mr. Cruz is exactly what we don’t want… “A Senator” with long ties to establishment!

    May 2, 2016,5:20 pm

  17. Syl

    Hillary will be First Lady president in White House

    May 2, 2016,5:09 pm

  18. Syl

    Hillary all the watt to the White House as First Lady President

    May 2, 2016,5:08 pm

  19. John Hanley Jr

    I will @ 69 years old, TRY to vote anti – RINO – ANTI – ESTABLISHMENT from now on! !!!!! Amen × infinity.

    May 2, 2016,4:58 pm

  20. McGregorJude

    I ‘m not as sure as the polls state that Mr Truump will win IN as the party elites have been pitching in big time for the sleazy Cruz.

    May 2, 2016,4:43 pm

  21. Sue denton

    Of course, Donald Trump will wins! Enough is enough, Ted will losing primary and he should be drop the race .

    May 2, 2016,4:26 pm

  22. Chuck


    May 2, 2016,4:24 pm

  23. Rolando Del Villas

    Cruz please come back to Canada
    let the Republican get together with
    Trump to beat Hillary Clinton

    May 2, 2016,4:12 pm

  24. Kevin

    Enough Said – “Conservative Book Club” – 81% is close? Maybe Cruz/Soros/Levin/Beck/Limbaugh will hire people to alter the results! LOL!

    May 2, 2016,4:10 pm

  25. Brenda Titus

    When VP candidates fall off stages especially right at the place the next elections happening, that’s a,good indicator of the climate and nature of those two candidates…
    it didn’t “look presidential”

    May 2, 2016,4:09 pm

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