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Look What Trump Said About GOP Party Unity

by Bradley Matthews

“I don’t think it’s imperative that the entire party come together. I don’t want everybody. I don’t even want certain people that were extraordinarily nasty. Let them go their own way.” — Donald Trump


  1. J Marie Wealan

    We need to have people who loves America and will fight to get the debt paid and stop all the corruption that’s inside of;; WASHINGTON. WHITE HOUSE; We need people who will get to the bottom of all these These scandels ,Going on and get them to stop for good of all the people who were left behind,, and start useing our tax money for what should be to help the people. THIS IS WHAT THE TAXES WERE FOR,To get the people of America get ahead not to make millions and billions in congress and other people who work in the white house get richer, This is unfair to the American people. So lets clean out the corruption in our government today. They put to any loopholes in for every person in our legistration for to long , Its time they pay more then there share of there responsiabilities now, We the people need true honest people for once to run our country to have the best military, and stay out the lives of the people and stop making more laws that hurt the hard working people lower the food prices so the poorer and people who live in poverty and the middleclass, Lets help all these people get ahead, We do still have poor white people in America today, Some need more education and better housing and they need to have people to help others when they are disabled and get do there house work themselves, but they can’t afford it to get someone, I feel all lives matter in this world today but also do the animals that live on this earth, Why aren’t they protected like they should, They are here with us for reasons not to be killed off this planet, They have feelings to. We need to share this country with all the animals that was put here on earth, animals can be our friends if we stop killing them, unless they go to hurt you first, but stop selling our sea-life to other countries or we will not have nothing left for our generation to come, Its time you people think right for once, Not everyone is rich on this country, SO we need people to come and offer your help to invest so people can sent there families to colleges, Its time we have some one who’s not for greed and power, When you get so high all this brings is just for the rest, But if people who get rich off the working class people who can hardly get food on there table tell me what good does that do.The people of this country is mad they make the less amount then anyone else and they try some people work to jobs to make ends meat, and feed there children, its time the government stop making people live off this level when they have children to feed each and everyday, We need a place to work and have daycare center right there at there work place, so more of these mothers get out and help take care of there own children and get after there unweb fathers to pay up and pay for there children, we need to clean out the government and all there loopholes for themselves there all rich enough, its time they paid more taxes then what a poorman pays,And its time that all the DISABLED BE TAKEN CARE OF Were people too, And its time they get the help they need but don’t know where to go and what to do, Some people must lay in bed all day without ANY HELP. some can’t cook for themselves or clean there homes and to get to the doctors on there own, and you can’t always trust who people send in for them, what can people who are elderly at 65 and other people what do they do, Its time they should be able to join there families and have friends come to visit them, They would feel a lot better, People are people and they want to have a nice clean home and handy cap ramp or have there home fixed so they can get around, on there wheelchair or there walker need new toilet hand-cap there higher to set on, and a walk-in shower so they don’t fall. And big closets so they can get in them to fine there clothing, And have a washer and dryer up in the first floor, Maybe Smaller home with all these things on the first floor would be nice,

    May 11, 2016,1:06 pm

  2. Deborah Smith

    I’m really glad to see that the women on this site have open eyes and are well informed……With a combination of smart men and women we can take this country back through our vote and start to get rid of ALL the Rhinos!!!! Change is HERE!!!! GOD and Country!!!!

    May 9, 2016,5:10 pm

  3. FredBaskin

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the next Dewey and Truman. It is very unfortunate Republican “career politicians/establishment” can’t see their hand in front of their face. The career Republican politicians have been REJECTED because voters have realized THEY are no different than a Democrat. Voters are saying they don’t want 4 more years of “all talk and no problem resolution”…. which will result if Hillary or a “career” (like Ryan) Republican were to win the presidency! Boo to Speaker Ryan (establishment puppet) and his cronies!

    May 6, 2016,12:41 am

  4. Cathy Therrell

    So conservative book club is anti-Trump. nice balanced reporting.
    What would you say about stupid Mitt Romney and the establishment money bleeders if you were him? DT has to pledge loyalty to RNC but anyone can un-pledge themselves to him. This makes us agree with him!

    May 5, 2016,4:56 pm

  5. Linda

    It is imperative that a new republican party be established now so the old republicans can move over and make room for a 21st. republican. I am so tired of the old!! Time to move on and let the people decide who they want for president!

    May 5, 2016,3:54 pm

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