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Trump vs. Ryan: Who Do You Agree With?

by Bradley Matthews

House Speaker Paul Ryan and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump have attacked each other over the direction of the party. Who do you agree with? Vote in our poll below!










Do you side with Donald Trump or with Paul Ryan?

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  1. Ramah Lee


    November 12, 2016,6:54 pm

  2. susa

    Well, the CBC poll as to who CBC members support right now (5/15/2016 7:10 EDT) is 82 pct Trump, 16 pct Ryan. The poll doesnโ€™t show the number of voters (nor how many members CBC actually has), so itโ€™s possibly meaningless as an indicator of what CBC members really think. However, it is a snapshot of members who logged in. If that is the kind of membership CBC attracts, I don’t want to join. Trump supporters are either stupid or venal — he is patently unfit to be President, has no principles, morals or intelligence. He can’t even spell his own tweets correctly, has no credible plans to solve our country’s most pressing problems, and has evinced no understanding of serious policy. He got where he is from cable and media that make money from uncritically showcasing this reality show clown and advocates who think political chaos is useful. Supporters who don’t see Trump for the truly awful person he is, should be helped, not followed. Supporters who do see it but support him anyway, are venal for putting their own interests first (ratings and book sales), not the interests of the country. I’m out of here.

    May 14, 2016,7:14 pm

  3. Anthony Conte

    There is no future for the Republican Party with Trump who is the greatest RINO of them all! Trump has no principles and no intellectual understanding of the concept of limited government which is the core of the modern Republican Party of Goldwater and Reagan.

    May 13, 2016,10:51 pm

  4. Noel Holub

    You should be very afraid if Trump doesn’t get in office. Globalism with triumph and the freedoms you enjoy now will be gone. Freedom of speech, Freedom of religion and the Constitution will be gone. All liberals and the GOP want globalism now with complete amnesty, open borders and you taxpayers will be footing the bill. It might even happen before Obama leaves office. He’s trying really hard now to make everyone the same. Equality is their mantra but total equality is impossible. We will all be workers bees and the elites whatever party will be the Queens.

    May 13, 2016,6:12 pm

  5. Pat

    All of the cocky and mouthy Trump supporters hurt the Republican Party instead of helping it. There’s a large population of conservatives that will come around to Trump’s moderate idea’s make it hard for us to jump on your band wagon. Insulting Paul Ryan who thinks like I do is offensive when you get ugly with people, because we need to understand where Trump stands on issue’s when he’s not clear all the time. Trump will be the nominee, but nothing will get done if he’s not willing to work with the Senate and Congress. Shooting off your mouth and alienating your party will not get anything passed, so everybody lighten up with your nastiness !!!!!

    May 13, 2016,5:49 pm

  6. Shirley Bryant

    Trump scares me.I am afraid of what will happen if he gets in offic.

    May 13, 2016,5:34 pm

  7. Terry

    apparently the few cruz/ryan supporters can only bobblehead and repeat their losing talking points their leaders have drummed into their wee wittle bitty pea brains. What about you lost do you idiots not understand. Its over CRUZ GOT TRUMPED ALONG WITH THE OTHER WANBEBES.

    May 13, 2016,5:32 pm

  8. Jcar

    We, the people, are behind this TRUMP movement, and we didn’t leave the republican party, they left us. In the last 10 years, the RNC and Congress has asked us for much, and we gave it…even some never done before. Before our eyes, they turned traitor and voted against the will of the people. Ryan truly broke our heart, as we truly trusted him and he kissed Obama’s shoes with his first vote. Now we know our power. As this movement winds its way to the white house, know Ryan, we put you in and we are taking you out. We already showed you a replacement from a man who wants your seat. Take Heed Congress. As anyone comes up for re-election, you will be judged by your voting and performance by the very people you ignored.

    May 13, 2016,5:22 pm

  9. Gary Darby

    I don’t want Mr. Trump to bargain with Ryan. The old rickety establishment is why he is ahead by so much. This is a mandate…Even keeping the Muslims out for awhile. I have a great idea for dealing with the vetting of these Refugee Muslims.

    May 13, 2016,5:07 pm

  10. Davette fensin

    We need to get rid of all the old Gop and in with the new for they are all standing behind Obama!!!

    May 13, 2016,5:03 pm

  11. Wendy Luckie

    Oh, sorry I voted already. Mr. Trump has given me a reason to keep living, at least until Nov 9th

    May 13, 2016,4:39 pm

  12. David

    Even if I was against Trump, which I am not. I would never publically let anybody know I was stupid enough to state that I was against trump! Go Trump 2016 and beyond. Save our country!

    May 13, 2016,4:27 pm

  13. Tamara


    May 13, 2016,4:16 pm

  14. Clyde Brewer

    The GOP leadership is noy listening to the people. They are on suicide watch. They have lost me for sure.

    May 12, 2016,8:24 pm

  15. Wendy Luckie

    Donald J. Trump. POTUS 2016!!!!

    May 12, 2016,4:39 pm

  16. Laura G. Holmes

    David, you are comparing apples and oranges! Ryan won with a grand total of 182,316 votes in 2014 in the state of Wisconsin to hold on to his Congressional seat. Donald Trump thus far has accumulated 11 million American votes. There are still seven more primaries yet to be completed. He has beaten everyone in the history of the primaries. He has won the GOP grueling nomination process. If people are wise, he will be in the White House repairing the economy, placing Americans first, and keeping America safe. I listen to idiots like Karl Rove and Mitt Romney with their whining little childish antics. They constantly say Donald Trump has only won 40% of the vote. Well, he was competing against 16 formidable opponents. What is occurring here is a delusional denial of the American people’s will. We will not be silenced anymore. Mitt Romney needs to go away. I’m sure that many of us are seriously regretting ever voting for this moronic, jealous 3-year old whiney little child.

    May 12, 2016,11:14 am

  17. David

    I think that people who claim Paul Ryan wasn’t chosen by the people are being incredibly silly. The people of Wisconsin elected him to the House of Representatives, by a true democratic process. He’s as deserving of his position as anyone in the world.

    Trump, on the other hand, still hasn’t been elected to anything. He’s leading the race for the GOP nomination, of course, but he hasn’t been elected yet, so it’s silly to claim that he deserves more respect that Paul Ryan. The people have chosen Ryan, but so far the people voting on Trump still haven’t made their final decision!

    May 11, 2016,10:51 pm


    Donald Trump is the people’s choice. Paul Ryan and his friends want to replace him with their favorites since they don’t agree with Donald Trump. That will be corruption . Democracy does not work that way. Majority carries the vote.

    May 11, 2016,4:22 pm

  19. Wendy Luckie


    May 10, 2016,7:48 pm

  20. Wendy Luckie

    MR. TRUMP POTUS 2016๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

    May 10, 2016,7:47 pm

  21. Laura G. Holmes

    William Jones – Again I say take an English class. It will help. It sounds to me as if you are the angry one in the equation. How dare you question what will happen when I meet my maker. Somehow I am not concerned. You, my friend, on the other hand, maybe should be. Name calling, is that the best you have. Really, I am so frightened EEEEKKKK!

    May 10, 2016,4:56 pm

  22. william Jones

    Laura G. Holmes – Actually, I am well educated but Oops! I used “there” when I should have used “their”. Wow that’s important! Anyway, your anger from my comments is understandable. I know it must be hard for you to face the reality that the racism, hatred, and fear you support will hurt all of mankind. I feel sorry for you Laura. Perhaps someday when you meet your maker, he can try and explain to you. Until then, please try to less frightened, angry, and ignorant.

    May 10, 2016,4:17 pm

  23. Laura G. Holmes

    Mr. Jones – It is incredible to me how someone with the grammar skills of a 3rd grader is criticizing we Trump supporters. Take an English class. You morons need to seriously stop lecturing us on what and who is best for this country. I am a highly educated conservative Christian woman and I will not be spoken down to by an idiot like you. You’re obviously a narcissistic Cruz supporter. You both have the same personalities. Enough said!

    May 10, 2016,2:47 pm

  24. william Jones

    Trump is dangerous! What is wrong with those who support him? I wish they could see that he is taking advantage of there xenophobic fears and ignorance? Maybe we need some kind of qualifying test for voters to prove they at least have some understanding of the Constitution, the American ideals set by the founding fathers, and basic history! Nothing over maybe 5th grade level, that would still weed out most of the ignorance that is fueling Trump’s success.

    May 10, 2016,1:06 pm

  25. Barbara Scott

    So far Ryan has proven he is a Democrat and did not keep his word to us……Trump is an unknown and hopefully will keep his word

    May 10, 2016,10:12 am

  26. krkyoldhag

    I have been upset that after a lifetime of being a Republican I only discovered that the party is corrupt. Trump has been right on every issue. I do not care that he isn’t as conservative as ryan and his bunch.
    I care that I agree with him more closely then I do the bunch in office now.
    On abortion ..I do not agree that it should be a federal government issue or paid for by taxpayers.
    On bathrooms..if you have a penis no matter how you “identify” yourself you go to men’s bathroom to piss. On Birth certificate gender I think there needs to be a way to address amorphodites who had their gender determined after birth.
    On trade…balance or ban
    On Chic fil let ..they make great sandwiches and that should be all that matters.
    On bakeries…I would make your cake but you will be sorry you asked me to.
    On guns…I don’t want one but thank God my neighbors have plenty of them
    On gender identiy..the ex bull rider who came and preened and pranced and announced he has pretty legs and breasts and is taking the transgender drugs ..I told him that if he does not whack off the dilly and dates men he gay, if he dates women he lesbian..since he says he still “likes” women. And that he nuts.

    May 10, 2016,7:52 am

  27. oldpete

    Lynda. You really have no concrete facts to back up your assertions about the November outcome. Pols are only good for the day they are taken & you should know that.

    May 9, 2016,11:15 pm

  28. Susan Nadel

    Trump taps into the anger of Losing freedoms under BO…People hope he can get our country back again!!

    May 9, 2016,9:30 pm

  29. John C

    Trump is an unknown quantity, he appears to be Conservative in some areas and to the left in other areas. Paul RINO is a known quantity. Paul RINO gave Obama everything he wanted. When it came down to the Constitution and the laws of the United States Paul RINO sided with Obama. Between the two, Trump has yet to screw America or the American people. Paul RINO already has. On that alone I’d have to side with Trump.

    May 9, 2016,8:41 pm

  30. mary

    trump is not a good for GOP.he is a democrat

    May 9, 2016,8:31 pm

  31. dan

    Paul Ryan is a genuine rino who is jealous of a new comer. As a weak candidate against Biden, he has the audacity to attck trump who is showing courage and stamina against all odds. He is just very insecure and afraid of his own shadow. Go TRUMP !!!!

    May 9, 2016,8:20 pm

  32. Laura G. Holmes

    Roland, we are just sick of you people costing the republican party elections. Go ahead and stay at home again this year and give the election to Hillary. She will nominate the most liberal 2 – 4 supreme court justices. Your logic is genius. None of your facts below are correct. Seriously, check your facts before you speak. It doesn’t make you look too bright!

    May 9, 2016,8:03 pm

  33. thidatun

    I support Donal Trump 100 percent ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    May 9, 2016,8:01 pm

  34. Roland Hirsch

    This seems to be the Liberal Book Club!

    So many people supporting Donald Trump, the most Liberal of the 17 Republicans who ran for President this year. He just said he would raise the minimum wage, he supports Planned Parenthood, would love a single-payer health-care program (worse than Obamacare!), donated to many Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, …

    Paul Ryan, on the other hand, is the most Conservative Speaker of the House in more than 90 years (much more conservative than Newt Gingrich, who made a mess of Congress during his time as Speaker). As budget committee chair he cut the deficits from an average of $1.2 trillion in Obama’s first three years, when the Congress was controlled by Democrats, to less than $600 billion this year. He has high ratings from organizations such as the American Conservative Union and the Heritage Foundation. On every issue Trump is to the left of Ryan.

    So any genuine Conservative would take Speaker Ryan’s concerns seriously, and be wary of Donald Trump’s liberal views.

    May 9, 2016,7:42 pm

  35. Ray B Stephenson

    sorry to say but Trump is the only one who speaks for the American people the ones that have to work for a living ,The people want America back and Trump is the man that can do it. lets make America great again .im 69 yo and i remember what it was a whole lot better then now.

    May 9, 2016,7:06 pm

  36. Lynda Meyers

    You people have taken leave of your senses — or just drunk too much Trump; Kool-Aid (be careful: the LAST bunch of morons to drink too much of their leader’s Kool-Aid wound up DEAD). You have JUST MANAGED TO ELECT HILLARY CLINTON PRESIDENT, and I hope you enjoy the next eight years!
    TRUMP IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE – he’s ALREADY come out for HIGHER TAXES and AGAINST LIFE, and he’s just getting started. Also, he CANNOT POSSIBLY WIN. He will LOSE to Hillary, probably by the WIDEST MARGIN in electoral HISTORY (worse than Reagan beat Mondale in ’84, worse than Nixon beat McGovern in ’72, worse than FDR’s landslide in ’36. YOU HAVE DESTROYED THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND CREATED NOTHING TO REPLACE IT!!! I hope you’re HAPPY, MORONS!

    May 9, 2016,6:39 pm

  37. Walter Adams

    I vote for Trump being correct. Paul Ryan is straddling the issue, here, just on everything. He is a politician, and under control. Trump in independent,and HE IS CORRECT!!!!!!

    May 9, 2016,6:06 pm

  38. lisa


    May 9, 2016,6:06 pm

  39. lisa


    May 9, 2016,6:03 pm

  40. Doug Forbes

    Paul Ryan is NOT a free market guy. He supports a system that keeps wages artificially low by effectively paying people to come to the US and work for low wages.

    May 9, 2016,5:42 pm

  41. Ileana

    Sorry Ryan, YOU MUST, have to accept. Youuuu. WE DO NOT WANT!!! We. WANT. MR. DONAL TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT !!!!! That is it!!!!!

    Each time i see Pelosi and others and YOUUU FALLING INTO HER SMILES,,, is the BARF OF A VIPER AND YOU SWIMING IN IT

    THAT IS IT!!!!

    HE IS TRUTH!!! Truth that we feel and live!!!!
    And. MR TRUM IS NOT. NOT. AN IDIOT!!!!!! I know he is not nuts or idiot!!! And ghings will be done as they are supposed to be done!!!!


    OBSERVE!!!!! Trump is TRUMP


    May 9, 2016,5:14 pm

  42. Deborah Smith

    Vote to select the person who is best for the people of this nation…NOT “THE FIRST” of some color/race or gender….THIS is why we are in the mess we are in. The uninformed, uneducated and unproductive almost out number those who understand what it takes to balance a budget, or negotiate trade agreements or control immigration and security. The “First” black president may well go down in history as the “worst and most damaging” in the history of America. Also, both political parties have sold the American people down the river lock, stock, and barrel while filling their pockets with money from outside sources. Back room deals and favors are what makes DC tick!!! Gross Corruption and it must stop!!!!

    May 9, 2016,5:00 pm

  43. Wendy Luckie

    Mr. Trump is the catalyst sent from a Power way bigger than we to bring back the America that elected Obama twice. Only to be called a bunch of rascists and dissed. So after 16 to 20 years of sucking economy, let’s have a REAL SUCCESSFUL CEO take a shot at fixing this mess. 28,000 gimmeegrants crossed last month and makes me vomit when all DC can talk about is SS “reform”. Damn em. How bout fixin the waste fraud and abuse?!?!?! 22,000 SS were deposited to accounts with recipients over 125 years old. WTF?!?!?!?!

    May 9, 2016,4:57 pm

  44. Syl

    I still want and votes for Hillary
    Let’s have the First Lady president I. White House

    Plus I agree with Paul Ryan

    May 9, 2016,4:44 pm

  45. Dorris


    May 9, 2016,4:15 pm

  46. Bryan W Carpenter

    Ryan started his record as speaker by giving obama everything he wanted. He has bashed US conservatives. He is a RINO. I want him fired. Cruz was my candidate. When Cruz withdrew, I got on Trump”s band wagon. I will be super irritated if the establishment denies Trump the right to run as a Republican.

    May 9, 2016,4:14 pm

  47. Dorris


    May 9, 2016,4:13 pm

  48. Linda

    I don’t like baby cries! If you’re a republican you back your nominee and help your party become stable again instead of a stale party where nothing ever changes. This is the 21st. century after all. Make some good changes in people’s lives and help make America great again.

    May 9, 2016,4:12 pm

  49. Beverly Riddle

    Sad that those GOP’s that care so much about the party are showing they aren’t going to be a supportive aspect in this election, not wanting to support the front runner (only runner) left in the primaries. What part “of the people, for the people” don’t they understand? The ones that are voting/backing accordingly will get my vote in the general election.

    May 9, 2016,4:06 pm

  50. Mike Moyers

    Lying Ryan. Said he would support the nominee. A man is only as good as his word!

    May 9, 2016,4:04 pm

  51. Laura G. Holmes

    Ryan, Romney, Graham, Bushes GROW UP! You lost fair and square. All the so-called extreme right wingers who are up in arms because they lost are whining like little children. Jealousy is not becoming. I have voted republican my whole life in many elections. I have decided to change my party affiliation to INDEPENDENT now. I cannot stand what childish little idiots you all are. The way you have treated Donald Trump is disgraceful. All of you go back to your cushy little petty lives while the rest of us struggle. Donald Trump is the only hope for America. You better get a grip you ignorant stooges!

    May 9, 2016,3:46 pm

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