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You Won’t Believe How Trump Is “Slighting Speaker Ryan”!

by Bradley Matthews

Has Donald Trump slighted House Speaker Paul Ryan by openly disparaging his agenda in Congress? See the cartoon…


  1. Colleen

    Ryan is a twit. If he was a useful twit that would be one thing, but I see him as a useless twit. May not care for Trump, but we have to use what we have…

    May 11, 2016,10:54 am

  2. Shelba Herring

    No he is not slighting Ryan he is just letting him (Ryan) know he is not as important as he thinks he is

    May 11, 2016,12:40 am

  3. oldpete

    Ryan started it when he declined to support the presumptive nominee last week & he should have known better. Too many establishment GOP folks have way less clout than they think they do

    May 10, 2016,11:42 pm

  4. Jude Miller

    Arrogant narcissist DT is channeling Obama

    May 10, 2016,4:55 pm

  5. Constance Polley

    I hope Trump doesn’t have the same agenda as Paul Ryan, if he does I have voted for the wrong guy! I can’t stand Paul Ryan!

    May 10, 2016,4:44 pm

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