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Obama to Visit Hiroshima as New Gen. Douglas MacArthur Book Lands on Bestseller List

Bestseller List is for week of May 12-18, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC – While President Obama announces his plans to visit Hiroshima, Japan – the site of the first dropped atomic bomb that helped end WWII, a new biography of Gen. Douglas MacArthur lands on the Conservative Bestseller List.  MacArthur was the general responsible for American WWII military operations in the Pacific theater.  Book: MacArthur at War: WWII in the Pacific, by Walter Borneman.

President Obama has claimed his visit to Hiroshima is fulfilling a promise he made early on in his presidency and would be a vehicle in which to discuss the dangers of nuclear warfare.  Critics though say this is really an extension of the president’s never-ending “international tour of apology” for perceived American transgressions.  This would be the first time a US president has visited Hiroshima since WWII.

“In light of the infamous Iran nuclear deal, it seems President Obama is visiting Hiroshima to cement a legacy of nuclear disarmament,” said Christopher N. Malagisi, Editor in Chief of the Conservative Book Club.  “It’s important to remember though the sacrifice of the brave service men and women who died in the WWII Pacific theater by not dishonoring their legacy with a perceived apology for ending a war that was not started by the US, and potentially saved tens of thousands of American soldiers’ lives.”


New Release of the Week:

Broken But Unbowed: How to Fix a Broken America (Threshold Editions)

               By Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX)

  • Memoir and inspiring life story of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott who was paralyzed at age 26 when a tree fell on him while jogging
  • First part of book is an emotional rollercoaster detailing the specific events that transpired during and after becoming paralyzed; became longest serving Attorney General in US history
  • Second part promotes a Convention of the States and offers constitutional amendments suggesting that only the people can force our federal government back to reason


Movie Review of the Week:

Money Monster (TriStar Pictures)

  • Stars George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and is directed by Jodie Foster
  • Old-fashioned issue-driven movie that is well done, but ultimately feels forced and preachy
  • Echoes the 2008 recession and big business and banks getting away with bailouts
  • Financial TV host Lee Gates and his producer Patty are put in an extreme situation when an irate investor takes over their studio forcefully with a gun and a bomb after he loses all his money on a stock that Gates suggests on his TV show




The Conservative Book Club’s weekly conservative bestseller list is independently created and the selection of books for the weekly list is determined by the Conservative Book Club. Data for the Lists is derived from Nielson BookScan Data, the provision of which does not imply any endorsement whatsoever by Nielson of any Conservative Book Club activities or Lists.



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