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Is Edward Snowden A Traitor Or A Patriot?

by Bradley Matthews

The Edward Snowden biopic Snowden is in theaters this weekend. Is Snowden a patriot — or a traitor? Vote in our CBC member poll!










Is Edward Snowden a traitor or a patriot?

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  1. John Walsh

    O’Reilly lies. CIA killed JFK not Oswald. Obama is a British citizen and is NOT an American citizen having been born in Mombasa, British protectorate of East Africa 8/4/61. Mother age 18 had to be age 19 to confer citizenship.

    September 17, 2016,1:49 pm

  2. Laura G. Holmes

    Kathy Giles, I am not nor will I ever be a liberal. How dare you? It sounds to me like you are drinking some sort of Kool-Aid. My God, Putin has had many of his political adversaries murdered and thrown in jail for no reason. Yes, we do need Trump to try to work with Russia on world matters just as Ronald Reagan ended the cold war by doing so. However, extreme caution (and Trump knows this) should be exercised while doing this. Putin is a former KGB member who wants the old USSR back in existence. He is in cahoots with Iran and Syria right now. Iran is absolutely the worst enemy and threat that the USA faces today. Any true honorable Christian knows this fact. They WILL start World War III. You are living in la la land. For you to lecture anyone about Putin and doing research on a particular subject is so disgraceful. To call Putin a good and fine man is about as accurate as calling Hillary Clinton a non-liar, non-criminal, and non-mafia boss. You need to seriously get your facts straight before you make yourself look foolish again.

    September 17, 2016,1:35 pm

  3. Kathy Giles

    Dale Wood–I don’t know where you get your information, but Snowden didn’t betray us to Russia and Russia has not said that he will bomb the USA into non-existance. Where did you hear that? Hillary and her clan were provoking a war with Russia. Russia is only standing up for itself as a sovereign country, and is telling Obama and Hillary that they do not get to choose who the leaders of other countries will be–that it is up to the people of that country. You can drink all the liberal koolaid you want, but quit telling lies about Russia. Russia has stood beside the USA in WWWI, WWW2, and has always had our back. When it became a socialist country, the USA became afraid that communism would spread to the USA. However, when the Soviet Union fell and Putin became president, he instilled Christianity into Russia. Russia is a Christian nation. Russia knows about the NWO and has no desire to participate in it. That is what this is all about. Putin is a good and kind man, and you really cannot blame him if he defends Russia and its people whether it is against the USA or whoever. The USA has not been respecting other countries leaders. That is why we need Trump. He understands the need to do this and lead to peace through strength. Putin has been fighting Al Quaeda and the other islamic terrorists groups for years while Obama has been arming them in the name of the USA. Obama needs to be impeached for his role in the world and how he is making world leaders disrespect the USA. All the other countries are hoping Trump gets president, Russia included, because they are against globalism. So, Dale Wood. Do some research and quit listening to the liberals.

    September 17, 2016,1:22 pm

  4. Dale Wood

    SNOWDEN is a TRAITOR – If he wanted to DO THE RIGHT THING, he would have given what he found to the CONGRESS or SENATE instead of POSTING THE INFO for OUR Enemies to use against America. ALSO with HIM working for the RUSSIANS, who have made it CLEAR that they will BOMB the USA into non-existence. Since the Cold WAR came to an end , MULTIPLE Agents of the CIA have gone ROUGE and SOLD OUR INFO to the Highest BIDDER saying they were helping those country who were not as technically inclined as the USA & THEY SIT IN PRISON FOR 40 years to life. They should bring back the DEATH SENTENCE as they did to the Man & Wife who gave away our Nuclear secrets during WWII. Only through DEATH can you MAKE people understand that TRAITORS GET DEATH – NOT TRADED. Why do you thing that today’s young kids think they can break the LAWS & do ANYTHING THEY WANT & NOT FEAR retribution ??? This CRAP of putting the FEAR of God into them is OLD – PUT THE FEAR OF DEATH into them & YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN NOT HIDE fear of DEATH !!!

    September 17, 2016,12:46 pm

  5. Laura G. Holmes

    Shawn Fahrer, Are you actually comparing the security and future of this country to a cartoon character? This just explains what this country has come to. I said that if he wanted to be a true patriot (and you people obviously need to look the word up in a dictionary), he would have handled it by resigning from his position at the N.S.A. and blow the whistle on any and all media outlets that would listen to him. He would have received the same amount of attention. I do not want the government intruding in my business. Of course, I am one of those people who has nothing to fear. They should never have the right to intrude on someone’s privacy unless there is a legitimate cause to do so (criminal or terrorist behavior), for example. He chose, instead, to behave like a coward and steal highly classified information on a government-owned computer. He broke the law there, however, when he revealed it’s contents to foreign countries (who are clearly not our friends to anyone with any common sense), he, at that point, became a true traitor (look up the word in the dictionary) in every single sense of the word. George Washington would have hung him for this back in the day. Treason should be a death penalty offense. When you lose your power for no reason or you computerized car gets hacked on the road one day, then you can think back to your arrogance and pompous thinking. I will not fall prey to any of the B.S. that the government, media, or any of you people are spewing.

    September 17, 2016,8:35 am

  6. Jenn

    I disagree guys: Obama wants us to be unable to fight back so no guns, no protection. Haven’t you heard of all the “camps” he’s been readying for ? No one is that stupid, are they ? They’ve been opening camps all over the USA for goodness sake. Also seen convoys of food stuffs being sent in a whole line of semi trucks & found out it’s the survival food the govt. is trying to buy up completely. Just lately on late night story, they are offering a 3 month supply of free food to anyone who feels they need it. They clearly see what is possibly coming. Course, if the govt. found ours they would take it all away from every citizen who had bought it for themselves. They aren’t fooling anyone !

    September 16, 2016,10:14 pm

  7. Jenn

    He’s no traitor or he wouldn’t try to inform us of all the underhanded things this govt. of ours does. They all are rotten to the core. Leave Snowden alone !!

    September 16, 2016,10:09 pm

  8. Sam Jones

    If we close our borders return illigals and radical Muslims we would not need the NSA.

    The nsa needs to watch us all because now with open borders we have radicals here ploting agaimst us.

    Obama wants to take our 2 nd amendment away to please the Muslims.

    Obama and Hillary want more radical Muslims to colonize here and at same time take our protections away. Its clear who Obama and Hillary are working for they want to change our constitution. And with Obama and Hillary they are winning.

    September 16, 2016,9:56 pm

  9. fone0323

    Come on, everybody has said for years CIA Was ease dropping on our phone

    September 16, 2016,7:27 pm

  10. Ira

    He is our #HERO! 👍

    September 16, 2016,6:35 pm

  11. Steven

    Traitor or patriot, all I know is the govt.seams to do what ever they want to do.with no consequences. As long as it fits their agenda .if I or someone else would do what we thought as good for us we would be arrested and prosecuted. Just seams to be a double standard.do what I say don’t do what I do.hillary is a good example.

    September 16, 2016,6:21 pm

  12. Sam Jones

    The govt puts all of us in danger by collecting our data placing it on govt servers. These servers are the very same ones all other govts break into leave my private info alone. Snowden is a hero!

    September 16, 2016,5:44 pm

  13. Shawn Fahrer

    For those (like Laura Holmes) who complain that Snowden “stole a highly classified computer from the N.S.A. and (ran) with it”, such a computer SHOULD HAVE EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE (along with the rest of the NSA, which was created by the totally misnamed “Patriot Act” as part of the panic after 9/11 a little less than 15 years ago). To “steal” such a thing actually reminds me (and should remind you) of the legendary Robin Hood (whose name has unfortunately given us the word “hoodlum”), who, as the story goes, robbed from the RICH (see the NSA and other GOVERNMENT types who want to rule over the people with an IRON FIST) to give to the POOR (see WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES). While the Sheriff of Nottingham (see the U S Government) persecuted Robin Hood (Snowden), THE PEOPLE knew that he was a HERO (AKA Patriot). Does that explanation / comparison help you understand why Snowden deserves the highest CIVILIAN MEDAL POSSIBLE FROM THE PEOPLE (but NOT the government) OF THE USA???

    September 16, 2016,5:38 pm

  14. Bill

    It doesn’t matter whether the rest of you idiots think he did a good thing or not; he broke his word. He revealed things he had sworn to keep secret. A liar is a liar, no matter what. if you let him get away with it, then turn all of those who have revealed classified material, including Hillary and Billary, loose and let them
    reveal anything they please. we have jasiled people for lesser offenses than his,
    so once again crap the bed and forget about it.

    September 16, 2016,5:36 pm

  15. Judy

    Look the word traitor up in the dictionary and you will see his face!!! He has compromised the security of our country and for those that think he is a patriot, should join him. He should never be allowed back in this country because he failed to show how grateful he was to be a citizen. It’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

    September 16, 2016,5:35 pm

  16. Sam Jones

    The govt should have same health insurance we have. The govt should have the same laws we have. Cops,prosecutos and Govt should never be above the law but live by same laws they order us to live by. No immunity.

    September 16, 2016,5:24 pm

  17. Sam Jones

    My personal info is classified and private. The govt steals it with total immunity

    September 16, 2016,5:21 pm

  18. Frank Brady

    Far too many self-defined conservatives are prepared to give up their God-given freedoms if the government and it’s media propaganda machine waive the specter of a “foreign enemy” (real or created) in front of their eyes. The result of this poll gives me hope that perhaps all is not yet lost.

    September 16, 2016,4:48 pm

  19. R.J.

    He is both or somewhere in between.

    September 16, 2016,4:04 pm

  20. Laura G. Holmes

    It really bothers me that so many people here think that this guy is a patriot. He could have been a whistleblower like the people who blew the whistle on the Veteran’s Administration and let the American Citizens know that the NSA was spying on them through their personal devices. However, this guy chose to steal a highly classified computer from the N.S.A. and run with it. What makes him any better than HRC? The problem is he went through China and they stole all of the information off of the computer before sending him to Russia. Does anyone get the connection that these are the very two countries that are hacking everything in America? This computer had highly classified military information and national security secrets on it. I am sure that he is helping Russia to know how our military and Homeland Security works. This will eventually lead to their shutting down our power grids, subway systems, infrastructure, etc. You people just do not understand the gravity of what has transpired by what this treasonous traitor has done. I am not a corrupt politician. I call things the way they are. He is as bad or worse than Hillary Rodham Clinton and should rot in jail. To even think that people should think he should be pardoned is incomprehensible. You cannot have it both ways. Anyone who steals classified information should be arrested and thrown in jail. They are criminals. Get it!

    September 16, 2016,8:11 am

  21. Luberta Henehan

    He is a patriot!!!

    September 15, 2016,4:29 pm

  22. Submariner

    He is a patriot in the truest sense.

    June 2, 2016,5:32 pm

  23. Frank Glodis

    Hillery is the TRADER.

    June 2, 2016,5:16 pm

  24. Judy Henderson

    No more a trader than Hillarey. With her e-mails.

    May 31, 2016,11:26 pm

  25. Rick Stanley

    What is wrong with the establishment so called conservatives. Have you all abandoned our rights, our freedom, our liberty, our Constitution. Snowden exposed the government for wrongdoing. Get a grip people and defend our constitution or get the hell out of the Republican Party. You are not wanted by being and support tyranny. Got it???

    May 31, 2016,9:15 pm

  26. Philip Meadows

    He only did a service to our enemy’s. There is no doubt in my mind a traitor.

    May 31, 2016,7:07 pm

  27. Beverly Riddle

    He leaked things that weren’t meant to be public knowledge that might harm our security and military and just on those points yes.

    May 31, 2016,5:09 pm

  28. Dorris

    With all of our Senate and Congress and the person setting in the Oval Office are not brought up on charges if Being TRAITORS, LIARS, THIEVES. MURDER’S why are you casting ASPERSION on ONE man.FOR ONE CRIME IF THAT IS WHAT YOUR SAYING. I DON’T FEEL Snowden HAS the Criminal back ground. 3/4 of our Government is going unpunished both past and PRESENT . YOU Better do your home work before and widen you knowledge.
    Try going here for TRUTH AND UNDERSTAND How tye GOVERNMENT ESTABLISHMENT HAVE BETRAYED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE By the ILLUMINATE SOCIETY OR CULT whatever you classify BEING A TRAITORS. CHOOSING OUR PRESIDENTS for 30 YRS. The Bush’s belong to both the Illuminati and Skull and Bones.along with 2/3rd’s of our Government. http://rense.com/general58/suspre.htm

    May 31, 2016,5:08 pm

  29. Billy Mccain

    By the standards set for HC, Snowden is not traitor.

    May 31, 2016,4:26 pm

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