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Was Paul Ryan Right To Endorse Trump?

by Bradley Matthews

Paul Ryan has endorsed Donald Trump. Was this the right decision? Vote in our CBC member poll!










Was Paul Ryan right to endorse Donald Trump?

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  1. Rico Upton

    What are the odds, that turncoat Ryan cares not one iota about the replies that are negative about his trivial mind being chastised by Trump voters? With his ego nothing but praise is the only words he see’s. GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    August 9, 2016,6:10 pm

  2. Rico Upton

    Endorsements to Ryan are nothing but a two way step to keep them off of his back until he figures out how to line his pockets and stab anybody in the back for his next attempt at power. Screw him and the mule he rode in here on.

    August 9, 2016,6:02 pm

  3. Dawn Doran

    Paul Ryan endorsed Trump, to stay in as Speaker of the House, otherwise, Trump would have endorsed Ryan, Pence is the one, that told Trump to endorse Ryan, because they worked together in the Congress and are good friends…Trump should have never listened to Pence…I don’t trust Pence too much…

    August 8, 2016,4:38 pm

  4. Linda

    I am a die-hard, lifelong Republican, and I am very disappointed that one of the other really good candidates did not get nominated. I would want to back Donald Trump if he was the same as he was a few years ago, but he is now more like a caricature of himself. His sweeping statements and insults are a disgrace to the G.O.P. and to our country. I don’t know who I am going to vote for.

    June 7, 2016,10:47 am

  5. Laura G. Holmes

    Ryan is a part of the holier-than-thou club who thinks he is better and more intelligent than we Trump supporters. These people for some unknown reason just do not get the gravity of the situation of this particular election. If dishonest Hillary wins the election in November, she will be able to nominate 3 – 5 Supreme Court Justices. The democrats have been hatching a scheme over the last several years to bring as many illegals into this country to increase their voting block. They already automatically receive 47% of the voting block as it is because most of these people live off the government. If a liberal Supreme Court is put into place, they will most definitely give the illegals citizenship and full voting rights. This will increase the democrats voting block to well over 51%, which means that the Republican party and conservatism in America as we know it will be done forever. These are lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court, so good luck ever getting rid of the leeches known as the Democrats after that. Somehow I don’t think that it is we Trump supporters who have a serious intelligence gap.

    June 7, 2016,8:07 am

  6. yessir

    Was Romney a better candidate than Trump? Is a guy born in Canada to two Canadian citizens, one whom happened to have been born many years ago in Delaware our best hope? No wonder our nation is in such deep trouble. But, hey, it’s Hillary’r turn and Bill needs a special throne in the WH with the ladies in blue dresses lined up.

    June 6, 2016,6:30 pm

  7. Kiam Larsen

    Ryan is an idiot. I have lost all faith in his judgements.

    June 6, 2016,2:14 pm

  8. Phil Johnson

    Abandon hope, all you who voted “yes”. The Speaker sold his soul for a bowl of warmed-over Orange Cheshire Cat spit.
    aures lupi

    June 4, 2016,3:25 pm

  9. Donald Oates

    A-hole should have AS SOON AS Donald won! Dragging his feet feels like a “whaterever” moment!

    June 4, 2016,7:41 am

  10. Dawn Doran

    I do not trust Paul Ryan at all!! He is up to something, to destroy Trump…

    June 3, 2016,10:17 pm

  11. Anthony Conte

    Trump is a disaster of unmitigated proportions. If he loses which seems certain, he will likely drag down the GOP ticket giving the Democrats complete control of the Federal government which means the USA as we have known it is doomed. If he wins, the cause of limited government will be irreparably damaged.

    June 3, 2016,8:56 pm

  12. oldpete

    The weak kneed GOP Senate didn’t oppose Obama’s ultra liberal federal court nominees & they won’t oppose Clinton’s ultra liberal federal court nominees either. The only hope for a nation of laws is constitutional federal judges we can live with. Trump I believe will appoint good judges, if not they couldn’t be any worse than Clinton’s (Think Ginsberg Bill stuck us with her)

    June 3, 2016,8:20 pm

  13. oldpete

    Well said Linda.
    The primary is over and we go with what we have.
    In my 80 years it has been that way most of the time.

    June 3, 2016,8:07 pm

  14. Linda Bethell

    Kate Harper. “You cannot put a con man with his overinflated ego and thin skin in the Oval Office and not expect a disaster of epic proportions”. We have had this exact situation for the last 71/2 years. If I’m not mistaken the Republican dominated Congress DID NOT HELP THE SITUATION VERY MUCH. President Obama AND the Congress AND the Supreme Court have let Conservatives down and WE ARE ANGRY! So, I agree with your sentiment, but like it or not it is Trump or Hillary. Hillary is more of Obama – God forbid. So let us all “shut up” get behind Trump and pray he can do a fraction of what he says. Hell, I’ll settle for a strong southern border and JOBS!

    June 3, 2016,6:22 pm

  15. Kate Harper

    I do admire Paul Ryan and recognize why he has capitulated in supporting Trump. There is no one else to choose unless you want Hillary. However, I think he is wrong. No way should any right thinking voter think Trump is the answer. He will destroy the GOP and this country with his hatred and lack of any semblance of knowledge when it comes to world affairs. You cannot put a con man with his overinflated ego and thin skin in the Oval Office and not expect a disaster of epic proportions.

    June 3, 2016,4:56 pm

  16. Cheryl McMurtrey

    I’m very happy that Senator Ryan endorsed Mr. Trump .. It shows character in Senator Ryan .. Thank goodness he is acting like a true patriot and not as silly and immature as his former running mate for President (Mitt Rommey ) I’ve never been as disgusted with anyone running for any office , much less the office of the United States of America as our Presidental candidate as Mitt Rommey .. He used Mr. Trump four years ago and then to turn his back on him .. It’s just spineless and so unprofessional .. He’s forgetting all of the many things he’s done .. I really feel sorry for Senator Ryan . I hope he gets his chance some day !!!

    June 3, 2016,4:29 pm

  17. Shirley Bryant


    June 3, 2016,4:23 pm

  18. jose

    Paul Ryan ,the only think his looking is the position inside the house house,and small words it’s money..

    June 3, 2016,4:22 pm

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