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Does Hillary Clinton’s Gender Matter?

by Bradley Matthews

Does Hillary Clinton’s gender matter? Vote in our CBC member poll!










Does Hillary Clinton's gender matter?

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  1. Monte

    If she were to become the president, I say – yes, she’s making history which was my answer. But I would never vote for her because I pretty much agree with what most others are saying here. Simply put, the way the “yes” question is worded is not a good fit. I’ve been a Trump supporter. But not in everything be proposes. God help us!

    June 10, 2016,9:02 pm

  2. joita

    She makes too much noises about being woman. She is a criminal, she should go in jail not to the White House.

    June 10, 2016,7:38 pm

  3. Donald Oates

    If she were to win due to the abundance of wacko thinking people, her record, attitude, thievery, etc. will set beack female activism 100’s of years! No one would want to chance someone like her again! Female…okay! Lieing Hillary…NOT!

    June 10, 2016,5:58 pm

  4. Donald Oates

    Hopefully it is a mute point! If she should win I will finally know for sure that my country is full of friggin’ idiots!!

    June 10, 2016,5:51 pm

  5. Norma R Alexander

    I wouldn’t vote for her if she was the last woman, and I use that lossely on this earth. She has blood on her hand. She hates America.

    June 10, 2016,4:43 pm

  6. Marsha

    She is no lady so yeah, her gender doesn’t matter. She doesn’t represent 99% of the American women.

    June 9, 2016,5:59 pm

  7. Mary F. Hickman

    I am a woman, will not vote for a corrupt crook. She is Dangerously Incoherent~! She and BHO destroyed the MID EAST! Had Gadhfi killed, caused the country to become unstable, terrorist on the loose, she sends the Ambassador to the consulate~! The situation very un stable, hillary nevr spoke to A.Stevens, didn’t answer his call for help for months, never talk to him again~! The terrorist pick a good day to hit, 9-11/Sept 2012., they all gathered in the situation room to watch it go down, and did what?? Not a damn Thing~! Actually lied about it~!!. The Airman the (Pilots) were in their cockpits ready to go~1 To Save other Americans they should have taken off, even if it took hours to fly over an event, that actually took place for 13 hours, just even a fly over would have scared the terrorist away~! May have saved some, Ambassador Stevens was already dead, the CIA compound then became their next attack, many injured and 2 died.~! Hillary said ‘what difference does it make’ ! As Commander-in Chief she would never act to save the military or anyone else, she would be a poor choice as Commander, as BHO has been~!!

    June 9, 2016,5:01 pm

  8. Laura G. Holmes

    Hillary will absolutely play the woman card to her advantage in this election. There will be a lot of feeble-minded people who vote for her just because she is the first female nominee. The problem for Ms. Hillary is that Donald Trump has a big microphone and he will expose her for the crooked snake that she is. I think this is Donald Trump’s time in history. He is the only one in America right now that can do a competent job and turn things around. I would love one day to have a female nominee with integrity who is honorable and would not have a self-serving interest in the being the first female president (Condaleeza Rice comes to mind). I would vote for her in a heartbeat!

    June 9, 2016,8:28 am

  9. Shelba Herring

    There is nothing wrong with a qualified woman running for president but clinton is NOT QUALIFIED she has committed every despicable crime you can name she should be on trial for treason at the very least

    June 9, 2016,12:26 am

  10. Dawn Doran

    Being a woman, doesn’t mean, that she should be President…She’s a liar, a thief, she steals votes, she’s a phony, a murderer and only cares for herself and to make more money…She’s Billionaire, along with Bill…Off shore money…She lied about being broke and never was…

    June 9, 2016,12:14 am

  11. Jack Keller

    As a potential democratic female presidential nominee is indeed an accomplishment however I believe she should be on the integrity plain as the U.K.’s former Prime Minister Margaret thatcher. In my opinion former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton is no former Prime Ministry Margaret Thatacher

    June 8, 2016,7:13 pm

  12. Janet

    She is awful. Gender has nothing to do with it. There are a lot of great women out there, but a thief is a thief.

    June 8, 2016,6:13 pm

  13. Muhammad Naeem

    The gender matters negative.

    June 8, 2016,6:10 pm

  14. Beverly Riddle

    The sex of the nominee doesn’t matter, especially in this election. Clinton isn’t the right woman to be the first woman president of anything with her background of being better than us when it comes to the laws of US. This private server is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I’m Trump all the way! I have faith that he can do it, brings us back to the top.

    June 8, 2016,5:56 pm

  15. William Bridgeman

    It matters only in so far as to mark her as the most corrupt, power-hungry, downright evil individual ever to win the nomination for the US Presidency.

    June 8, 2016,5:33 pm

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