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Who Does Trump Want To Be VP — For The Democrats!

by Bradley Matthews

“Pocahontas is at it again! Goofy Elizabeth Warren, one of the least productive U.S. Senators, has a nasty mouth. Hope she is V.P. choice.” — Donald Trump


  1. Laura G. Holmes

    Well, one thing is for sure, this will guarantee a 2-liar democratic ticket. Lynda it seems to me that you Never Trumpers (Mitt Romney, SHUT UP and go back to your irrelevant situation) are the persons with the LOUDMOUTHS. The Republican party is sabotaging itself. Go ahead and hand the election to the democrats and continue thinking that you Never Trumpers are smarter and better than we Trump supporters. If you honestly think that Ted Cruz or any other Republican primary candidate would have beat Hag Hillary in November, you are delusional. If she wins, because the Republican party elites continue to run their big mouths and dog Donald Trump, you can sleep soundly knowing that there will never be a Republican president or a majority of conservatism in America again. The Supreme Court will give full voting rights to the illegals giving the Democrats the 51% voting block that they need to win every election (Free Stuff). You never Trumpers are the real problem.

    June 11, 2016,8:12 am

  2. Beverly Riddle

    Trump will regroup and get his act together that won’t be an act though since he is sincere in what he says even if not politically correct. Vote Trump 2016!!!

    June 10, 2016,11:53 pm

  3. Sue denton

    Who is Elizabeth Warren? She is evil ! Donald Trump will take on Hillary Clinton, She is untrustworthy and she did broken ethical lot issues .

    June 10, 2016,10:46 pm

  4. Lynda Meyers

    It does’t matter if Dems pick Elizabeth Warren or Mickey (or maybe Minnie) Mouse for VP. Donald Trump’s BIG MOUTH has cost him NINE PERCENT in the “favorability” poll in ONE WEEK! With about 22 weeks until the election, he’ll be down to MINUS 200% by November!
    Trump is going to “lead” the Republican Party to the WORST defeat in political history. It will make the Goldwater rout in 1964 look like a BIG WIN, and it’ll be worse than Reagan’s WIN over Mondale in 1984. As well as losing 40-45 states and getting not much over 100 votes in the Electoral College, Republicans will LOSE 50-75 seats in the House and about 10 in the Senate. ALL BECAUSE YOU MORONS FORCED THAT LOUDMOUTH IDIOT DOWN OUR THROATS. As a lifelong conservative and Republican, I thank you (NOT AT ALL)

    June 10, 2016,4:44 pm

  5. Philip Meadows


    June 10, 2016,4:40 pm

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