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Should America Ban Muslims? See What Paul Ryan Had To Say

by Bradley Matthews

“This is a threat that simply must be defeated… I do not think a Muslim ban is in our country’s interest… I think the smarter way to go in all respects is to have a security test and not a religious test.” — Speaker Paul Ryan


  1. A. S. Pushkin

    One must tread lightly when it comes to personal liberty. Islam will use all of its “weapons” to alter every nation it enters. I know a professional body guard and he talks often about awareness. One must educate himself to know this enemy. I suggest visiting http://www.understandingthethreat.com/ as well as viewing Dr. Bill Warner’s page http://www.politicalislam.com/

    They must be right or the SPLC would list them on their enemies list.

    We Americans fail to know history and combined with readily accepting people we have a formula for failure. Watch Warner’s “Why We Are Afraid…A 1400 Year Old Secret” and you will get more history than you probably got in school.
    Then read “The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise” by Darío Fernández-Morera. He was interviewed by Dennis Prager recently and the truth was striking. Unfortunately, as Europe has gone America is going, i.e. it has rejected Christianity and it will come to the same end. Spain is controlled by the left and now the schools are slowly being directed by none other than Muslims. Search out the Gulen Project in America. By the way, Turkey, not Saudi Arabia is the center of the Islamic movement. The Saudis fund it only. Watch Erdogan, an Islamic mystic.

    July 21, 2016,10:09 am

  2. Elizabeth Edwards

    I knew you wouldn’t post it

    June 29, 2016,11:15 am

  3. Elizabeth Edwards

    I know this won’t get posted but here’s hoping l have been a republican all my life but god forbid not anymore I have never heard so much hatred hipporocy just plain meanness I don’t want these things in me so there fore I can’t support the Republican Party anymore God is not pleased with trump for president he is foul mouth a liar a hippocriet & a big bully & God is against all these things so I will not support someone that goes against gods rule like Donald trump does

    June 29, 2016,11:14 am

  4. Joyce

    I just read an article saying why Obama and Hillary refuse to call ISIS by it’s name and label them as Islamic terrorists. Hillary introduced a bill to support Syria …Congress approved it. Which means our government gave our tax dollars to this group and they formed ISIS. This is why they refuse to call them by their name….according to the artical. Ryan was apart of it as well as Obama and Hillary.

    June 20, 2016,8:08 am

  5. Beverly Riddle

    It happened in record time – Paul Ryan is now a democrat. God help us all.

    June 18, 2016,3:38 pm

  6. Janice Gibson

    I made a comment but they did not post it. Guess they didn’t like it. I said GO AWAY PAUL RYAN. YOUR SECURITY TESTS AREN’t WORKING. Just ask the family and friends of the victims of the latest attacks. And notice “ATTACKS” are plural. Do we continue to open our borders, give everyone a no limit credit card, free housing and oh, give them guns so they can protect themselves? That plan works great for the terrorists.

    June 18, 2016,3:03 pm

  7. Jake

    He’s a moron

    June 18, 2016,1:15 pm

  8. Shelba Herring

    Paul Ryan is too stupid to hold the position he has, he needs to resign his congressional seat, get out of Washington and shut up about Muslims

    June 18, 2016,2:18 am

  9. Hellen Wall

    Speaker Ryan should take a course in World History and take particular notice of the time when the Muslims tried to take over Europeand were beaten back by the British. Also, he should read the Koran as a Muslim is encouraged to tell lies, kill if ideals and non-believers in the Islam RELIGION! When will our Congress and Senate wake up. Are they all deaf, dumb, and blind as to what is the ultimate goal of Obama and ALl
    Muslims. Be very, very careful who you trust folks as there are many deceive rd in this world and we have a female seeking office who is one of them. I hope America will wake up and help Make America Great Again. I hate to think my Brother-in-law gave his life(KIA-WW11-Europe-04-04-45) for our freedoms only to have them taken away by a lying, worshipping AllahMuslim.

    June 17, 2016,7:38 pm

  10. Sue denton

    Paul shut up ! You are house speaker and stay out of it. Donald Trump is right about it and he should be credit for it. Yes, it should be Muslim ban temperpary and Mexico border ban too until is clear and safety . Federal governs failures for not protection in our nation!

    June 17, 2016,3:47 pm

  11. Larry Craig

    The Orlando shooter was born here. A security check is pointless. There is something in Islam itself that is evil. A ‘moderate’ can be called to jihad through an internet video. They should not be allowed into our country.

    June 16, 2016,5:20 pm

  12. Laura G. Holmes

    We just had 49 innocent Americans slaughtered by a group of people whose sole purpose in existing is to destroy anyone that does not believe as they do. Obama for some insane reason (and I strongly question his reasoning) insists on bringing more of these people into our country knowing full well that these people cannot be vetted properly. Donald Trump actually wants to protect Americans and their way of life. These attacks are going to get much worse. Americans are not going to be able to live a normal existence because this so-called American president insists on risking the American people’s lives. I think that the Republican Establishment (including Paul Ryan) want illegals to come into the country or they would have fought viciously to prevent it. If they had fought Barack Husain Obama with as much zest as they have fought against Donald Trump, who wants to protect Americans, the American Public would not be so angry. The Never Trumpers and Republican Establishment have sabotaged Donald Trump and we may lose the election because of it. Hard-working American taxpaying citizens had better realize that a different more horrifying way of life is coming to America if someone does not stop the madness. I believe that the country started going downhill when GOD was removed from the schools and other public venues. Ryan, Romney, Kristle, and Hewitt need to go back to their prospective lives and get the HELL out of the way. If you’re not with us, you are against us. I think that you idiots seem to forget that we are paying your salaries. I would love to say “YOU’RE FIRED”! This has nothing to do with being a religious test. It is about preserving American lives and our quality of life. Yes, Muslims should be banned and all illegals until a immigration policy that is competent can be written into law and followed to the letter of the law as a civilized society should be run.

    June 16, 2016,8:29 am

  13. Lima

    Ryan is TRAITOR of WE THE PEOPLE, he is NOT REPUBLICAN, he is Closet DEMOCRAT hoping not even that secretly for the Killary-Beast of Benghazi to win ticket to the White House.He is NO_ONE elevated himself to some sort of position which DOES NOT belong to him. He is IMPOSTOR, need to be remove-impeached-whatever. He was “selected” by establishment by mistake and wrong judgment. People when you will learn; being stupid-there is hope you read history and learn; being IGNORANT is CRIMINAL!! Ryan, Establishment knows their days of lies comes to halt once Mr. Trump-the REAL AMERICAN-PATRIOT will win! Actually shame on you all who fight his gallant fight for our future from grip of Socialists! The biggest ENEMY of successful Republican are many Republicans-again read the history!

    June 16, 2016,5:37 am

  14. Camille Gilliam

    Paul Ryan needs to be careful with what he says, if he wants to keep his job. What a waste,he is such a RINO, he doesn’t care about us or this country, just himself! I knew that I did not want to see him in this position because of how he was voting.

    June 16, 2016,12:54 am

  15. Bill

    I believe we need to make an example of anyone in our government who attempts to endanger the american people.Placing more gun control will never work because it will only endanger the people more.Why should I give up my constitutional rights because some politician in Washington D.C over a thousand miles away thinks they knows what is best for me.All american were given the right to bear arms so we can protect ourselves from tyranny.wethepeople also were given this right my GOD himself.But now to the issue of muslims.It is for now americas best interest to band all muslims from entering this country and for the ones already here should be rounded up and placed in FEMA camps until we can investigate everyone.Now some people say hey we can’t do that.I say bullshit.This has been done before in this very country.When we were forced into ww2 Roosevelt did just that to the Japeness people.Some Muslims By there own admission have crossed over into the US threw Mexico.Now some will say (Hillary) that we can’t build that wall that Trump wants to build because we as americans are a country of imagrints.But because of this intergading of muslims into our country,we in a lot of cases can’t identifed them because a lot of them were never documented at birth and trying to verify them will be nearly impossible.I guess Hillary forgot that her husband as president signed an executive order to increse boarder security by incresing the boarder patrol by 100 percent.So now who is who.We as americans become a target by ratical Islomic muslims who use our constitution against us.They us our freedoms (civil rights) to there advantage.It is the governments duty to protect the people.Alowing 10s of thousand of Syrians etc into this country is a dangerous game.Now with every shooting that happens in this country.Obama wants to try to push his unconstitutional aganda.Taking away our guns will only creat more shotings.Why do they think people are being targeted in gun free zones.They know that they will not be challenged by return fire.Schools,hospitals,bars etc.Everyone of these places are big targets.We the people need to take back this country from this exstreamly large over baring unconstitutional government.They are over steping there boundress by pushing there own agendas.Now one more thing before I go.How the hell is Hillary alowed to run for the highest office in this world.no one under investigation by the FBI for the crimes she has committed should even be alowed to run for the office of the president of the United States of American.

    June 15, 2016,10:34 pm

  16. Nelson Lentz

    “I do not think a Muslim ban is in our country’s interest…”
    The Muslims want to take over and destroy our country just like they are taking over and destroying the countries of Western Europe, and this Bozo doesn’t think it’s in our country’s interest to stop them by banning then!?

    “I think the smarter way to go in all respects is to have a security test and not a religious test.” — Speaker Paul Ryan”
    Security tests won’t work because the Muslims are allowed to lie (the doctrine taught in the Koran is called al-taqiyya).
    And a religious test?
    If you read the Koran and understand that all Muslims follow it to the letter, they’ve already failed that test; the Koran makes it the religious duty of all Muslims to engage in jihad to spread Islam until it has conquered the entire world as exemplified by, but not limited to, the following verse:
    “Thus you are ordered by Allah to continue in carrying out Jihad against the disbelievers (the infidels, the non-Muslims) till they embrace (convert to) Islam. So when you meet those who disbelieve, smite at their necks (cut off their heads) till when you have killed and wounded many of them” (Qur’an 47:4).

    June 15, 2016,8:25 pm

  17. Cubie7

    Unfortunately the threat is coming from Radical Islam and the test must be directed to that group. This is not to say that the security test would not apply to others as well.

    June 15, 2016,7:31 pm

  18. Mike Stempo

    How will the “security test” be administered and to whom? What is asked? Who shares the data? How much of a never to be disassembled federal organization will be inefficiently put in place? Do we profile? Do we security test ALL Muslims? All immigrants? How do you security profile if they are coming in illegally. Ryan has turned into a Demo-asshole. Not all of us are stupid nor useful idiots.

    June 15, 2016,6:16 pm

  19. Genevieve

    Paul Ryan seems to have a bone stuck in his throat over what Donald Trump has to say about the Muslim ban and thinks Trump is wrong and his way is better for us. We should check the background to make sure the ones who are not in any connection to any terrorist group will not enter the USA. Paul Ryan should think about this, clear his mind over Donald Trump and step up to the plate for his country.

    June 15, 2016,5:58 pm

  20. Cristina Shoman

    PR, you are pro-Amnesty like any other democrat, so I really wonder why the hell you call yourself a Reoublican!! You used to bash about Trump’s Conservative’s credibility, but he is 100% more Conservative than you are!! Yes, we should ban all illegitimate Muslims to come in the country!!

    June 15, 2016,5:51 pm

  21. J Roach

    Ryan hasn’t lived up to the hype and thinks being PC about an absolutely CRAP IMMIGRATION POLICY will make him a leader, WORNG.

    June 15, 2016,5:35 pm

  22. Michael Schroeder

    I think we should ban all rabid RINO’s. Holding desperately on to one’s political seat seems to be more important to the GOP leadership than our nation’s security and sovereignty.

    June 15, 2016,5:10 pm

  23. joita

    The answer is YES

    June 15, 2016,4:58 pm

  24. joita

    Ryan this is not religious test, this is Radical Islamic Terrorism. Stop saving your seat.

    June 15, 2016,4:57 pm

  25. Beverly Riddle

    We need both and more to get into our country for any reason. We have too much at stake to be politically correct, in fact far too much at stake. I’m for the wall along the Mexican border. I’m for Obama walking away from this office now, he may as well not be there, why wait til Nov? Why wait for another attack like Orlando?

    June 15, 2016,4:46 pm

  26. Bacon

    Ryan has proven himself a traitor and as a substandard intelligence, which he demonstrates here… again…

    June 15, 2016,4:38 pm

  27. Merle Dudley-Nelson

    Yes we should…They will stand together….They lie and cheat…They do not believe as we do….If you think women should not drive you are in the wrong country…If you think women should wear a veil…you are in the wrong country…If you think a woman should sit in the back seat and your goat in the front seat …you are in the wrong country…If you think women should walk 2 steps behind a man… you are in the wrong country…If you think Shari Law is the law of the land and not the Constitution….You are in the wrong country…I am W.O.M.A.N hear me roar loudly in 2016….I am an American woman….

    June 15, 2016,4:35 pm

  28. Linda

    Trump has the right idea to ban immigrants from coming in to our country until we have a way to truly vet people coming in to this country. We are a western culture and not everyone thinks like we do so anyone coming in to this country should also be made aware how different we are from their country. When this happens they probably won’t want to come anyway. They must know we have laws in place and that we are a fair country as long as you abide by the laws and the ways of American people. Muslims need to instill in their family members how Americans think and that their ways won’t work in this country. Teach them our ways before they come.

    June 15, 2016,4:28 pm

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