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Why Does Obama Punish The Many For The Crimes Of The Few?

by Bradley Matthews

The Orlando shooting was done by one terrorist — why does Obama want to punish the many law-abiding gun owners for the sins of the few?


  1. Sue denton

    that should be punish to Obama-Hillary Clinton ! Federal governs should have fires them and fine them
    Back from started killed by torriost attacked. It would’ve not happen to Orlando shooting. Obama – Hillary Clinton should not be working or involve politics in the governs building ever. Even Should be charger to Bush 2001 too. Joe Biden to slam Donald Trump in foreign policy, oh my god! He does not know anything and he is cheating women, he does not know what’s talking about, and he think is funny himself. Can not standing see him on TV or news or whatever his face!

    June 20, 2016,6:14 pm

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