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Why 1776 Was The Original #Brexit

by Bradley Matthews

240 years ago, America¬†declared independence. See how George Washington did Brexit — before it was cool!


  1. Kelete

    Mr trump he have to fix his problems with his party before the election get start!

    June 27, 2016,6:13 pm

  2. Laura G. Holmes

    Gaston, Really to blame the Bush Family for screwing up the world is quite a stretch. Although I completely agree that American blood and treasure should have never invaded Iraq, we should have been in Afghanistan. Bin Laden started this war will the murders of over 2,300 innocent Americans. When George Bush left office the middle east was stable. It is the feckless, gutless policies of Hag Hillary and Doofus-n-chief Barack H. Obama that have left the middle east burning. These idiots have done far more damage to the world balance than the Bush Family ever did. Don’t get me wrong, I not a big Bush supporter anymore with the way they have treated Donald Trump. I think they are cowards for not voting for him or going to the convention because he called them out on some things (correctly I might add).

    June 25, 2016,9:44 am

  3. Gaston

    The bushes screwed up the world. Compared to them a dung-beetle is an intellectual miracle

    June 25, 2016,2:02 am

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