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Paul Ryan Speaks Out On The Benghazi Report

by Bradley Matthews

“[The House Benghazi report]┬ámakes clear that officials in Washington failed our men and women on the ground when they were in need of help.” — Paul Ryan


  1. jack

    They fail and ” Murdered ” 4 Americans and Hildabeast and the imposter gay devil worshiping Kenyan just as well took a weapon and shot these me themselves !

    March 20, 2017,4:58 pm

  2. Erica

    What happened in Benghazi is despicable. But the truth can only be determined when all cards are on the deck. The Republican Committee has been to busy avoiding evidence that incriminates Party Members such as McCain and Graham, and their activities with leaders of terrorist. Evidence exist. Honest investigation would reveal that Hillary was acting on the same premises and “orders” as McCain and Graham. Orders derived from an unconstitutional surrender of US Sovereign power to foreign entity. The Agreement, based on a remark by Reagan was secretly changed by State Agents. It is protected by compromising knowledge by the foreign entity who legally acted in the traditional best interest of their nation. The agreement demands complete sharing of all information with the foreign Partner. One might want to ask McCain if his public declaration of his allegiance to Netanyahu Plan for war, not our government action. Can Congressmen do that? Join forces fighting against or own. I do not think so. And that is Hillary’s case, for votes and money she agree share and serve the interest of a “strategic partner” (Reagan words) If Obama approved it she is home free. The Obama can explain to the public who allowed that attack in Benghazi.
    The Black Mail? DRUG profits by elected officials, and conspiracy evidence on 9/11 held by Putin. Lets say these also are Ghosts of profit Wars.

    July 5, 2016,5:50 pm

  3. Lawrence Oxman

    Ryan has this right,, and the brain dead Senate and Congress accomplished what, over this investigation? Nothing! They spent millions of dollars on this investigation and the outcome is always the same. Tongue lashings don’t mean anything. Who was indicted over this? No one. Who was indicted for fast and Furious? No one. If Trump has any sense, he will have Rudy Giuliani and Trey Gowdy running DOJ, and then maybe we can get someone indicted and sent to jail, for abusing the public trust.

    July 3, 2016,11:33 pm

  4. rfernandez

    All you need is Trump, la la lala la, all you need is Trump, Trump is all you need,Trump is all you need. Trump 2016.

    July 2, 2016,1:20 pm

  5. Beverly Riddle

    But still Clinton is smug about it all, wants to move on and forget what she did as if she only spilled a cup of coffee and no foul. When is she going to be stopped along with Obama before we lose all our freedom?

    June 29, 2016,7:00 pm

  6. Shirleyjohnson

    Have no confidence in Paul Ryan any longer!!

    June 29, 2016,5:10 pm

  7. Valerie Bellomo

    Very, very sad. When are you guys in Washington, The Republicans, going to do something about the mess that has been created by the Democrats? Believe me, all you “never Trump” people better put your thinking caps on!!!!! DO YOU REALLY WANT 4 MORE YEARS OF TOTAL DISASTER?????????

    June 29, 2016,11:33 am

  8. Laura G. Holmes

    Is there really anything in the last several years that Washington has succeeded in accomplishing? No! It is disgusting to me that these people are making decisions on behalf of this country and destroying it little by little. Those innocent Americans in Benghazi were victims of a politically based sham perpetrated by two of the most dishonest creatures (HRC and BHO) in modern times. I am furious that congress has done nothing to stop the madness!

    June 29, 2016,8:43 am

  9. Sue denton

    Mom of son killed in Bengahzi attack 2012 and she has been waiting for the answer what’s really happened yet it’s been 3 years and she is frustration with Obama and governs has been neglected so long and they are hiding the truth. I feel bad for her and she has lost her son! She is so angry at former Secertary of State Hillary Clinton as evil person and lies! Obama is also in involved as he is president must know everything obviously, it should be immedately sending him to the congress of United State court to confession of the oath but yet no one have balls! Democratic Party is worse than Donald Trump!

    June 29, 2016,12:31 am

  10. Cheryl George

    I am so tired of no one going anyth9by about all the mess in USA. talk is so cheap!!

    June 28, 2016,7:17 pm

  11. Gary James

    Obama and Hillary Clinton are at fault behind the Benghazi deal. They both have blood on their hands and should both be put in prison along with a few others. And, Hillary is guilt as sin on her classified emails. But, unfortunately Hillary will get away with everything because she thinks she is above the law and so does Stupid Obama. Every time Hillary opens her mouth a lie comes out of it. Again, the Benghazi cover up is deliberate. Congress is afraid of Obama. But, I will tell you this…all the foreign countries think Obama is a joke and so do I. Obama is Muslim…so he does not believe in God..nor does Hillary. God is not in their agenda. That is really Sad and Scary. So, all you people out there that think Hillary should be President you are just as crazy as they are.

    June 28, 2016,4:37 pm

  12. Sue denton

    Military and Obama should be fault and left them behind killed in Benghazi ! Democratic big trouble!

    June 28, 2016,4:17 pm

  13. Lawrence Oxman

    This was an intentional and deliberate cover-up, and the Congress is going to do what? Absolutely nothing. No balls, They are afraid of Obama. Chicken-shit. For starters, Congress should have the Military arrest Obama, and while they are at it, you can throw corrupt commie bitch Clinton, Susan Rice, and Valerie Jarrett in the same cell, has that for starters.

    June 28, 2016,4:12 pm

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