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Crooked Hillary Is “The Godmother”

by Bradley Matthews

Crooked Hillary Clinton gets to operate under special rules, bent to her benefit. See the comic to learn why she is “The Godmother”!


  1. hank

    The obuma regime & the clinton mob are the one’s responsible for the terrorism that is running rampant throughout our streets today. Don’t call a muslim terrorist or a black panther with a gun a terrorist because it isn’t politically correct.

    July 10, 2016,9:45 am

  2. Dennis Robertson

    Of course the Clinton’s always get special treatment just like Obama

    July 9, 2016,10:57 pm

  3. Laura G. Holmes

    This is the most appropriate label of Hillary Clinton (the Mafia Queen). The only problem is that even though this word is being used appropriately as a mafia boss, the word GODMOTHER to me is sacred. The word mother is sacred. Any real mother considers her job to raise decent, law-abiding citizens, and children of GOD to be the most important job of her life. Hillary actually looked at a mother of one the victims of the Benghazi terror attacks and lied to her straight faced about her son’s death. To me, even in a derogatory sense the word mother should not be used to describe Hillary Clinton. She is demonic to do that to a “REAL MOTHER”. I don’t even think that she can possibly be human (animal seems more fitting to describe her).

    July 9, 2016,9:08 pm

  4. Thomas Garmon

    Well, does anyone actually think Hillary Clinton would be leading the country as president? Her husband would be! Bill Clinton was a disgrace when his presidency ended! He has had his time in office! Enough is enough! The scandals that surround both are enough to convince the American people of what can be expected! Hillary, when SOS, used poor judgement in the Benghazi massacre. Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods died in 2012, pleading for help! Troops were told to “stand down”! And her recent, private email server and emails deletions!!! What was she hiding? Who was she hiding information from? She has demonstrated her knowledge and experience to become Commander in Chief!!! Her behavior has been reprehensible! Also, Hillary Clinton has given speeches to Wall Street for cash to the Clinton Foundation in return for favors! She’s received donations from foreign countries! She and Obama are in it together That is an act of treason! Therefore they should be held accountable, prosecuted and sent to jail for criminal offenses against America!

    July 9, 2016,5:26 pm

  5. Randie Walton

    Man I would like a bumper sticker that says that

    July 9, 2016,4:20 pm

  6. Maurice Canaday

    I think Hillary is a basically a brake down in the morals of our country . To vote for Hillary is a spit in the face of iur military and one nation under God in which we are and were founded on .

    July 9, 2016,1:42 pm

  7. Beverly Riddle

    Well written, said.

    July 8, 2016,9:13 pm

  8. stuart shockley

    Trust But Verify, A Great Injustice https://youtu.be/nuDAGe0lcaU

    July 8, 2016,4:43 pm

  9. Sue denton

    “Godmother” ? Martha Stewart-Hillary Clinton is not above of the law! She wants to be president and she wants get operate the laws is not going to happens! Laws are Supreme law of land! She has bad habit over years since 1990-2016. She loves to play her mind game! She don’t deserve to be president to danger.

    July 8, 2016,3:25 pm

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