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Is Not Voting Trump The Same As Voting For Hillary?

by Bradley Matthews

“It’s a binary choice. It is either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. You don’t get a third option. It’s one or the other. And I know where I want to go.” — Paul Ryan


  1. Beverly Riddle

    Ok, Paul Ryan realizes the danger of Clinton in White House and backing the GOP candidate like all republicans should.

    July 14, 2016,1:43 pm

  2. Laura G. Holmes

    Alan, I hope you understand how much of a “RUMP” horse’s ass you sound like right now. Edwin, do not speak for me as a Republican ever. You both obviously have the intellectual capacity of rocks. You never Trumpers just think you are so intelligent and you lack the brain power to understand the gravity of this election. Go ahead and let Hillary have the Supreme Court and Alan, you will be right about one thing. You will feel the wrath of GOD! This whole country will!

    July 14, 2016,8:23 am

  3. Tim Colbath

    Hillary Clinton in the White House, as President? She should not even be allowed to Visit the White House! She has been proven to be a liar so many times it is ridicules. Bill was impeached by the House for his Lies. Really, another shot for the Clintons in the White House? NO WAY! Trump May be ‘politically incorrect” as they come – but he has the best (and only) chance this country has!

    July 14, 2016,12:31 am

  4. Edwin Sheldon

    If all of the Republicans who can’t stand Trump and all of the Democrats who can’t stand Clinton wrote in either Ronald Reagan or John F Kennedy, do you think a runoff between two of the greatest dead presidents would get the attention of our two major parties?

    July 13, 2016,11:37 pm

  5. Alan Wood

    No! Wrong! NEVERRUMP! NEV ERCLINTON! NEVERANYBABYKILLER! NEVERANYFIRSTAMENDMENTFOE! The Rump and Clinton are twins – both pursuing the destruction of the US. We are about to experience the wrath of God – which we have been asking for for more than 50 years – we earned it!

    July 13, 2016,9:33 pm

  6. oldpete

    I have had a can full of the back biting by the self righteous so called conservatives who claim to take the higher ground. All they have been doing for the last month is misquote or misrepresent what is said by Trump or those who support the parties established nomination process.
    First it was “He cheated this one or that one out of something or other”.
    The it was “He lied or is gonna lie about this or that”.
    Then it was “He’s not a conservative (as if they really knew what a true conservative is) or he’s just a warmed over Democrat”.
    As of late it boils down to “I personally hate him and he has never & can not possibly do anything good in his entire life”
    If this pack of turkeys isn’t on Hillary’s payroll they surely should be.

    July 13, 2016,7:20 pm

  7. Arthur

    Speaker Ryan is absolutely correct. Not voting for Trump is giving the White House to Hillary Clinton. Do we really want another Clinton as President? Stop bashing the GOP presumptive nominee and look for the good aspects of his candidacy, not the least of which is his list for Supreme Court Nominations.

    July 13, 2016,5:38 pm

  8. Paul

    Thank you Speaker, Everyone needs to get on board or Forever suffer 1 Party Socialist Rule.

    July 13, 2016,5:23 pm

  9. Laura G. Holmes

    It is about time that Ryan got on board. I just hope he and all the other idiots who have been going against Trump (the people’s choice by a record margin) finally understand the gravity of this election. The Never Trumpers had better get a grip. It is a criminal, liar, and snake in the grass or an honest businessman trying to bring America back from the brink! Your choice! The same extreme right wingers did not vote for Romney because he was a Mormon in 2012 and gave us another 4 years of hell with Obama. Thanks a lot.

    July 13, 2016,3:55 pm

  10. Sue denton

    which is true , don’t get a third option. But I am republican for years that I trust , and am I happy is no ! OBama and Hillary&Bill Clinton ,James Comey,and Loretta Lynch and others side of Demcoratics are corruption since 2007-2017 violation of law&criminal yet they never fired, nor go jail,nor refusal answer the question etc how am I suppose to feel about that. Donald Trump is clean but governs is not the rule above of the law obviously understanding. Donald is winner in November so therefore Hillary Clinton is not allow that she violation of law and criminal in her records, who is the rule above the law?

    July 13, 2016,2:16 pm

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