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Should Ted Cruz Have Endorsed Donald Trump?

by Bradley Matthews

Should Ted Cruz have honored the candidate pledge and endorsed Donald Trump in his speech last night? Tell us what you think by voting below!










Should Ted Cruz have endorsed Donald Trump?

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  1. Rosalie Rossi

    All I can say is Janet U said it all for me

    March 15, 2017,12:53 am

  2. jessie martin

    I know that some think the Donald And Ted Are at each other’s throats , that thinking is so wrong ,these two guys are so much alike in many ways just like brothers ,saying nasty mean
    Things in the heat of verbal exchanges . But let the Donald Get in office , and these two will be the best of Friends and Do some Great things for this country ! GBA

    December 16, 2016,12:40 pm

  3. Janet Chepulis

    The people have spoken. There always seem to be a lot of unforgivable things said during nominating and election time. But sometimes it is best just to let it fly over you shoulder. The public has been outraged for quite some time now with foreigners who are not legal citizens calling the shots in our country..by a President of the USA who states we cannot say MERRY CHRISTMAS any more, by a President that gives money to the illegals and forgets about our Veterans who gave their lives to keep us free. There are so many other illegal executive orders.
    The presidency has nothing to do with your personal life, but the lives of everyone in this country. So get your act together. Totally uncalled for and the fact that the border has not been controlled and our agents at the border line are told to turn the other way. You have to be crazy to allow Hillary to win and not support whoever ended up with the nomination. It was Ted Cruz responsibility to live up to his pledge to support his country from the tyranny the obama era has brought upon us, and Hillary on her way to continue the same. She OWES SO MUCH TO ALL THE FOREIGNERS. Let us not forget. We all owe it to our country, to our Veterans and to God, not to let this go on any longer. So glad we have control of the Congress, and Donald Trump wants to make America Great Again, where hopefully we can all work together in forgiving one another and make our country great again. What has happened in Europe is happening here, and I will do anything and everything to make sure the our future generations will not have to worry about offending anyone, but ridding ourselves of those that believe we should be exterminated. This is our country, and no foreign influence should ever be allowed in our country that intends to overthrow our government and make it their own. It is illegal as hell itself. We should worry more about those that are offending US.. THAT IS WHERE THE PROBLEM REVOLVES. We are all immigrants other than the indians. We made this land free, and slowly but surely the government has been making us pay “for all the freedoms that were free”. Anything to make money. We want our money back that was taken from us thru the Social Security System. I do not want to hear about the laws that allow you to borrow it. I only know that the money was there for elder people to be able to support themselves in the future. Congress needs to put back the money that was borrowed. OK I am getting carried away again..enough said.

    November 29, 2016,5:33 pm

  4. Thanh (Thomas) Le

    Ted Cruz should let go what happen in the recent past and endorse Donald Trump with God’s forgiveness. Looking back, we cannot walk straight, we “do not walk by sight, but by faith,” by let go and look forward with the new master Jesus Christ. He set us free. To let go doesn’t mean to stop caring, it means I can’t do it for someone else. To let go and look forward are not to cut myself off, it’s the realization that I can’t control another. To let go is to admit powerlessness, which means the outcome is not in my hands. To let go is not to change or blame another, I can only change myself. To let go is not to fix, but to be supportive.To let go is not to judge, but to allow another to be a human being. To let go is not to be in the middle arranging all the outcomes, but to allow others to effect their own outcomes. To let go is not to deny, but to accept. To let go is not criticize and regulate anyone. Ted Cruz is a lawmaker who should regulate anyone under the law, but try to become what dream you can be. To let go, Ted, is not to regret the past because looking back. but to grow and live for the future under our new master. To let go is fear less and love more, because Christ set us free. We’re free indeed. Listen to the president Roosevelt addressed :to the American soldiers: In confront evil world “let us all beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great undertaking.” The tide turned. The free men of the world are marching together to victory.” Looking back, we were the victim, but looking forward and daily walk with Christ we are with the victor. This message is for all the American people. “God bless America and Israel!! he never leave and nor forsake the Jews and American people.” Look back, in the past we weren’t the Americans, but we were the immigrants. We cannot win when we look back. The winners never quit, the quitter never win. There are a lot of quitters who are now in cemetery now. Some of them will be with the Lord our God in Heaven. .

    September 3, 2016,6:12 pm

  5. OLeilani Cortez

    Yes!! I, believe they are for Crooked Hillary and want her to win. May the Lord deliver us and our country from Evil!!! “The Lord’s Prayer.” And Cruz is a Christian waving the Bible?? Liar and a Hypocrite is all I say!!

    August 26, 2016,4:43 pm

  6. Alan anderson

    Does not matter what Cruz does. Hopefully his political career is over.

    August 26, 2016,4:36 pm

  7. chienchien

    You got Donald Trump and now you are going to get Hillary. Why keep on condemning Ted Cruz. What if Ted Cruz endorses him, it does not mean he is the next President of USA. Remember what goes around, come around

    August 18, 2016,4:37 pm

  8. chienchien

    Whether Ted Cruz endorse Donald Trump does not matter. Donald won the primary which he wanted so that he can hand over the Presidency to Hillary. It was Donald’s objective all along. You wanted him, you have him, you got all of you fooled big time

    August 18, 2016,4:31 pm

  9. Sandra Moyer

    Cruz has turned into a crying baby for not winning the nomination. His speech on the RNC was downright disgusting and had a hidden message in it to remember him in four years. I believe he buried his political life for future times. Republicans will not trust him because of breaking his pledge to honor whoever was nominated if not him. I once respected the man greatly, but with his attitude throughout the debates and his lack of honor, I would never vote for him.

    August 1, 2016,9:03 pm

  10. gerri Dalakian

    Cruz was wrong not to endorse TRUMP. No if ands or buts about it. I was in favor of Cruz at the outset of the campaign but after I saw hiw he preformed at the convention I have rethought my position. He lost the nomination and he should have stepped up to the plate instead he acted like a weasel!!! Sorry!!!!!

    July 27, 2016,2:36 pm

  11. Diane Malnati

    Cruz is all for himself. I was a fan but no longer. If Hilary wins he will be responsible for the courts.

    July 26, 2016,8:36 pm

  12. Robin

    Ted Cruz took a pledge to back whoever won the nomination. Yet everyone got on Trump because he wont take the pledge.he didnt help the republican party. What happened to bringing the party together? The only thing he did was hurt the party. Here’s my message to Ted Cruz “Put your big boy pants on and as uck it up!” How juvenile can someone be.

    July 24, 2016,3:56 am

  13. Laura G. Holmes

    I read some of the posts here and, of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, I have studied the bible at length and know that Ted Cruz does not subscribe to GOD’s word. His reasoning for betraying the country and party is because of what Trump said about his wife. Well, the Ted Cruz folks put out an ad about Melania Trump first. People seem to forget this fact. Donald Trump is only a counterpuncher. He retweeted a photo of Heidi Cruz, which he probably should not have done, but someone sent it to him. He would not have done this if Cruz had not started it. Ted Cruz lied about Ben Carson dropping out of the race in Iowa in the hopes of stealing Ben Carson’s votes from the people of Iowa. He was going behind everyone’s back and stealing delegates (Example Colorado and Louisiana). The people did not even get a chance to vote in a primary or caucus. What kind of a democracy is that? Ted Cruz was apparently ashamed of his real name because of the Latino heritage maybe. He should be proud of it. He dropped his Canadian citizenship 15 months prior to running for president for whatever reason. He conveniently forgot to list a million dollar loan that he borrowed from his wife’s Goldman-Sachs bank on his financials that he was required to submit prior to running for president. He is a proven liar and snake in the grass. Now this does not project a person who lives by GOD’s commandments. I cannot believe that you people place him on some sort of a GODLY pedestal. It is ludicrous. Donald Trump has never pretended to be anything but who he is. I respect and admire what he has achieved in life. A man’s character can be determined by one’s authenticity. I cannot stand phony, fake people. You all have either chosen to blind yourselves to Ted Cruz or you are delusional. I cannot figure out which. Even Ben Carson, who is a true conservative Christian, and lives it everyday endorsed Donald Trump. That in and of itself speaks volumes. Donald Trump is the genuine article. This is not a façade. He loves his country and helped to build it. He genuinely loves the people in it and is concerned about our safety and future. Millions of people seem to get it. The Never Trumpers are a lost cause.

    July 23, 2016,5:31 pm

  14. ovida

    I was a Cruz person to start with, but when he started running adds with two young children beating up a doll that was made to look like Donald Trump, I changed my mind about what kind of a person would run and add like that. I could not believe my eyes. If you look each of the people running for an office, you can find a lot of things about each one of them. Some good and some bad. Trump was a target for most of the others to beat up on, but to judge him, is not our job, most of the ones that ran had baggage also. Because none of us are perfect. But Ted and Trump both took the pledge. But to not vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary, and a person that can vote for her are not a Republican. We need to stand together and win this election, for the sake of our Country.

    July 23, 2016,4:59 am

  15. Allen

    What does the word pledge mean? I was a Cruz follower but now I am glad he lost. He proved by his actions that he doesnt have what takes to be president. He can use any excuse he wants but the fact remains that his ego is more important than his country or the future of his and our children. Helping Hillary get elected will not help his wounded pride it will only destroy our country. Trump may not be our first choice but now he is our only choice.

    July 23, 2016,4:08 am

  16. Paula G

    Ted Cruz had as much right to be at the Rep-Convention as was any other party member.  Further, he reserved the right not to endorse Trump as the personal attack against Cruz’s family was an unconscionable act by Trump.  Cruz’s strong stand of supporting his family is expected if you understand that Trump should have avoided a personal assault, and refrain from it.  In itself it was damage to Trump but with a different penalty for him.

    Trump meant to be harmful and to put a stain on the Cruz family unfairly! That said, how do we know the way and when it became provocative in the first place?  It was said that the Cruz campaign may have done/said things to disturb Trump…but how is that confirmed?  With which side did it actually start? 
    I think that Cruz could not and would not compromise the dignity of his family and that’s a decision only he could make, and a wrong one if otherwise.
    He did not have to state the words if he chose not to, i.e. “I endorse DJT.”  This is much ado about nothing, and ‘politically correct nonsense’.

    Trump was very wrong and Cruz reacted…. entirely his right to do so! Ted Cruz conducted himself properly, said nothing that was inconsistent with his strong support of our Constitution!  I’d like to hear what all other Republicans actually know about that document..  too many have never read it, much less think it has worth.

    All of Congress should start taking lessons from Cruz if willing to elevate themselves and govern properly, instead of indulging in their self-serving interests and shirking their responsibility to the people.  It’s the main reason a man like Trump has risen to become the Nominee of a major political party. (not much wrong with that, while he is not flawless).

    It appears that sour grapes is prevailing but is a non-issue and “prime-time-unimportant”! 
    I hope that Trump apologized.  It was said that Trump regretted his attempt to belittle Mrs. Cruz as he did.  Was his Conscience bothering him?

    And for the truth:
    March 29th on CNN Trump himself RENIGGED ON HIS PLEDGE TO ENDORSE whomever was to be the Republican nominee!!! Why was this not particularly notable?

    Cruz lying?  If anyone continues to repeat this, it’s time they define “the lie” backed with evidence for that accusation.
    But then who could believe in robotic fools parroting each other.. none with “evidence” of “a lie”? 

    The personal low blows Trump laid on the Cruz family should not be dignifed by anyone’s expectations that Cruz had to live up to a signed pledge to endorse Trump.  Believing that Cruz would have kept his word to endorse the Republican nominee, it is incumbent upon those who demand that he endorse Trump because of a pledge he had earlier made, further calling him a liar for not doing so, to explain why they hold Cruz to a standard they themselves wouldn’t live by!

    No one had a better right than Cruz to alter his stand for the reasons he did – all due to severe character assassination. (assassination of a Kennedy?) The game changer was Trump! I defy any of you to say that it is not the right of each one of us to support and protect their wife and father against unwarranted, disreputable smut heaped upon one’s family.

    Those harboring such a narrow focus embrace moronic ideas without boundaries, smelling of smug, self-righteous attitudes, all while pedantic in nature you impose and project your own stupidity upon Ted Cruz by your finding faulting with him.

    And calling him a liar!?!?  What insult to injury!  You who reflect this mindset are shameless and hypocritical.

    July 23, 2016,1:33 am

  17. G.Slowey

    Cruz showed a tremendous amount of self-control by not not knocking Trump on his butt.

    July 23, 2016,1:11 am

  18. R.Dhan

    I was browsing for conservative sites and came upon this one hoping for reasonable conservatives.What I get in most of these comments are mere Trump bandwagoners and people who can’t see two feet in front of them.

    Let me set you all Trump supporters straight. The Donald broke the pledge himself back in March 2016 during his interview with CNN. When asked if he would support the Republican nominee, he pretty much said no and said he didn’t need anyone’s endorsement either if he were to become the nominee.

    Four months later, and now all these idiots are spouting about this nonexistent pledge that the Donald nulled himself.

    Get the facts and the truth straight or you will just seem like an ignorant fool.

    July 22, 2016,11:29 pm

  19. Nancy Johns

    We Cruz supporters are proud of him for showing more character and being more principled than others who caved into the pressure to endorse that scumbag.

    July 22, 2016,10:28 pm

  20. Laura G. Holmes

    Wow, Amanda I am so grateful to have someone with your grammar skills lecture me on education. Get a grip, girl. TRUMP 2016!!!!!

    July 22, 2016,3:32 pm

  21. Amanda

    Trump is a joke, Poor communicate skills, and social skills. The only people that believe in trump are uneducated people, and old people, because they are not intelligent.

    July 22, 2016,2:18 pm

  22. Susan

    Ted Cruz could have channeled the graciousness if Ronald Reagan. Instead he chose Che Guevara. He showed his arrogance and egotism. Before his speech I might have voted for him. I will never do that now because he put his own ego over the people’s choice. His delegate revolt proves that state need to legislate severe penalties for those who think their beliefs should supersede the will of the people.

    July 22, 2016,12:58 pm

  23. Laura G. Holmes

    Cruz is a joke and proved his true character. Self before country. It’s funny how you’re telling the people who won to GET OVER IT when you Never Trumpers are whining like 5-year old children because you did not get your way. I can get you a pacifier if you like. Oh, but be careful, I wouldn’t want you to choke on it. Jackie, again when you are the MORON in the equation, SERIOUSLY! What are you? Cruz is a fake, phony, wannabe who will never be! You GET OVER IT! It’s time. Go ahead and put Hillary in the white house and then conservatism in America will really be over, you geniuses!

    July 22, 2016,8:58 am

  24. roland

    CRUZ was our hope for a CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE don’t u all understand? What AmeriKa needed at this time. And what do we get?
    Cruz showed, spoke his heart and you guys act like LIBS? Get over it. He stood for something – how about all those puke reps in the senate (small s) when we needed to FIGHT????? Chickens, selfish, politicians is what they were. CRUZ stood up and FOUGHT. Take that and choke on it FOOLS

    July 22, 2016,8:41 am

  25. Ron

    Only a phony conservative can possibly endorse the Orange charlatan phony. Cruz is a true conservative who stood by his principles. Trump invalidated the pledge by breaking Reagan’s First Rule- “Speak no ill of fellow Republicans”. Trump went to the politics of personal destruction eagerly and with a vengeance. NOBODY- if being honest with themselves, would have endorsed Trump after that. Th!ose who did are butt-kissing sell-outs who do not deserve to be called conservatives- because they are not!. You all had a chance to pick a true conservative and you chose a BS Artist instead. Pathetic and you deserve what you will probably get- Hillary

    July 22, 2016,4:47 am

  26. Ron

    Only a phony conservative can possibly endorse the Orange charlatan phony. Cruz is a true conservative who stood by his principles. Trump invalidated the pledge by breaking Reagan’s First Rule- “Speak no ill of fellow Republicans”. Trump went to the politics of personal destruction eagerly and with a vengeance. NOBODY- if being honest with themselves, would have endorsed Trump after that. Those who did are butt-kissing sell-outs who do not deserve to be called conservatives- because they are not!. You all had a chance to pick a true conservative and you chose a BS Artist instead. Pathetic and you deserve what you will probably get- Hillary!

    July 22, 2016,4:47 am

  27. Jose Avina

    Trump said horrible lies abou Teds family and never apologized! Trump on tv broke the pledge! Ted was the runner up and deserved to be there! He cogratulated Trump and didn’t say anything bad. Ridiculous to endorse!

    July 22, 2016,1:55 am

  28. Brad Bryant

    If he had endorsed Trump then he really would be Lying Ted!!!

    July 22, 2016,1:14 am

  29. Ronda

    If I had been insulted by having my wife and Father accused, I would be doing the same thing. Everyone who is attacking Cruz for this would not like their parents to be accused of Kennedy’s assassination so they need to be honest. I am voting for Trump even though I am a Cruz supporter because Never Hillary! Get real y’all Cruz is a real Reagan like Constitution loving, God loving Senator and we love him here in Texas!

    July 22, 2016,12:38 am

  30. Sherrie

    He signed the Pledge then failed to honor his word

    July 22, 2016,12:11 am

  31. Jackie

    For all you morons Ted honored his pledge. He showed up made a speech and that is support, he never pledged to endorse. If you want to be all in a tizzy over someone not supporting Trump, you should be looking to the people who declined to come and speak, not Ted Cruz. Cruz is one of only a very few who does what he says he will do, especially when it comes to Washington. God forgive all of you people who are attacking a child of God and Christian brother, who has asked God for forgiveness.

    July 22, 2016,12:00 am

  32. Duane Meadows

    YES!!he should have endorsed Mr.Trump! YOUR DONE TED CRUZ!! STILL LYING!!

    July 21, 2016,11:55 pm

  33. Donna

    Yes Cruz has no conscience therefore his word means nothing.

    July 21, 2016,11:30 pm

  34. J bauer

    Cruz is finished, at last

    July 21, 2016,11:08 pm

  35. Laura

    William, you ask what Cruz did that was so offensive..
    He broke his sworn pledge. If a man’s word means nothing, the man is worth nothing.

    July 21, 2016,10:58 pm

  36. Marta

    Cruz is not over, He endorses his Family and his values, Real Republican. #Cruz2020

    July 21, 2016,10:55 pm

  37. Kenny

    I will never support Cruse , he J.Bush& J Kacish singed to support who ever got the nomination now they won’t do it, what is there word worth say anything to get elected never follow through those three lost my support forever

    July 21, 2016,10:36 pm

  38. Josephine Cunningham

    It takes a man of integrity to stick to their guns when all are against you.
    I applaud Cruz for staying with his beliefs

    July 21, 2016,10:22 pm

  39. Laura

    He signed the Pledge then failed to honor his word. Anyone can always find an excuse to break their word but a person with honor and integrity will stand by his word. Also he should not have accepted to speak at the RNC Convention knowing he was not going to endorse Mr. Trump. He did not speak for our Country’s future; instead, he spoke for his own future in politics. I can no longer trust or in the future support Mr. Cruz as his promise means nothing and he is led foremost by his own self-interest, not our Country’s! Goodbye Mr. Cruz.

    July 21, 2016,10:21 pm

  40. linda baker

    Disappointed in Cruz

    July 21, 2016,10:17 pm

  41. Ron

    No NO NO. He did the right and courages thing by not giving into pressure and endorsing that phony conservative Thump.

    July 21, 2016,9:46 pm

  42. Angie Hansen

    Shame on Cruz! His true colors have shown & if it was SOO easy for him to break his promise to support the Republican Candidate, imagine what else he’s lied about & how easy it is for him to fold on his promises! I’ll NEVER EVER vote for him! Not ever! I DID like him but he stabbed all Republicans in the back! Because the ONLY other alternative is Hilary & I’d much rather have Trump than her!

    July 21, 2016,9:44 pm

  43. Dawn Doran

    Maybe, Ted is getting paid again…

    July 21, 2016,9:34 pm

  44. Celeste

    Cruzer the Loser and also a liar. Said you would support the Republican candidate but guess you forgot to say “Unless it’s Trump!” You sealed your fate now that people see your true colors by your total disrespect and disregard for the people’s choice! #UnTrusTed

    July 21, 2016,7:58 pm

  45. Sue denton

    * Ted Cruz broken pledge
    * Ted Cruz walked in on the stage and he destroy Republican Party
    * Ted Cruz should be end his career immedately

    July 21, 2016,7:56 pm

  46. John Beam

    I was a supporter of Senator Cruz (I contributed to, and voted for Cruz in the NC primary), and I thought, on the whole, his speech last night was fabulous, but for his personal reluctance to do what he PROMISED to do last year–namely, support the GOP presidential nominee.

    So, I’m very disappointed in his obvious personal problems, which have trumped (no pun intended) his word to follow-through with his promises. With Mr. Trump knowing what Cruz’s speech was going to be, and letting Cruz do it anyway, Trump comes out looking like the bigger man in the process. Cruz’s anger and animosity towards Mr. Trump Isn’t hurting anyone but himself.

    I am concerned about losing the country that I was born into, which is something that Cruz cannot say with this election. Perhaps his loyalty to America’s founding principles isn’t as strong as someone who was BORN HERE.

    July 21, 2016,7:54 pm

  47. Dorris

    that is what he said he was going to do. HE BETRAYED Trump. and showed what he really is . the reason he gave ,was that Trump talked bad about his father . TRUMP TOLD THE TRUTH LOOK IT UP HIS father was a HITLER Sympathizer. along with the Bush’s. Learn the TRUTH. go to You Tube type in, THE DIRTY SECRETS OF THE GEORGE W BUSH’S. truth prevails.

    July 21, 2016,7:52 pm

  48. Sherylynne

    Anyone have any questions why no one in Congress like Ted Cruz?? Cruz spells team with “I.”

    July 21, 2016,7:46 pm

  49. Sherylynne

    Cruz is not a Conservative nor a Christian. Christians forgive. Christians offer the olive branch. Conservatives vote for the party because it’s about ethics, values and beliefs we hold dear and under which we want to live. When Conservatives and Christians take an oath, it is an unwavering promise to be kept. It is not optional because it is made in the fabric of our character. I suggest the Trojan Horse, Ted Cruz, demit from the Republican Party. Last night, he proved to be like Hillary Clinton…all about himself and screw America and the Americans

    July 21, 2016,7:43 pm

  50. Linda

    After the incredibly horrible way Trump personally attacked his family members, no way he should have endorsed. He was AT the convention, gave a great speech and encouraged voting for all Republicans up and down the ticket so. He said many other positive things about building the wall. Just cause he didn’t say “I endorse him” he’s booed and treated like an outcast! Wow! WHAT A Mob OF Mind Numbed Robots!

    July 21, 2016,7:34 pm

  51. Harold Vann

    Cruz is young and can run for president when he is more likely to be elected. But, until he learns that working with those who think differently Cruz is not likely to be elected. Study his activity in the Senate. He is serving a great function by keeping us focused on the Constitution. Thanks to Ted Cruz.

    July 21, 2016,7:33 pm

  52. Palmer Hadler

    I think he should find a way to speak for 3 min and ENDORSE Trump.i

    July 21, 2016,7:27 pm

  53. chanel

    Cruz did honored his pledge by saying vote your conscience, without saying Trump name. Trump said a very cruel and lie about Cruz father and I can understand why he couldn’t say his name.

    July 21, 2016,6:54 pm

  54. Shawn Fahrer

    While Cruz had his FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to speak what he said, his use of the phrase “vote your conscience” was really code for “VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT no matter how many other Republicans you vote for”. Clearly, he wanted to be the head of the “Never Trump” movement (and basically said as much without saying it). Just like his speech about American being “one more Liberal Justice away” (Feb 9, reported on Breitbart.com on Feb 12) was really code for IT’S TIME TO MURDER ANTONIN SCALIA (without saying as much)! His CFR wife, Heidi, has betrayed this country simply by supporting any COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS actions (and deserved to be called out for it). As for his father being involved in the JFK assassination, it wouldn’t surprise me if it had a grain of truth in it considering how his (blood thirsty) son turned out…. I wish the people of the (formerly?) GREAT STATE OF TEXAS would petition for Ted Cruz’s IMMEDIATE RECALL AS U S SENATOR! This was the final straw as far as I am concerned! He can NOT be TrusTed!!!!! RECALL TED CRUZ NOW!!!!

    July 21, 2016,6:43 pm

  55. Rafael C

    What do you expect from Illegal Alien Cruz .??? Ted is a Disgrace to Texas and WE shall not Forget ; Cruz and Strauss are alike .

    July 21, 2016,6:42 pm

  56. Marie

    Didn’t respect the pledge… Can’t respect you!
    The bigger picture is to beat Hillary! What were you thinking????

    July 21, 2016,6:40 pm


    What about the nude picture that conveniently appeared on tv of Donald J Trumps wife, what about the lies Cruz told on Trump? Cruz couldn’t take the heat. Likes to throw a rock and hide his hand and then insist he is so religious! He is a liar, many times but he also signed stating he would support the nominee LIED again! He is unbelievable. I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher. He needs to remember ” vengeance is mine sayth the Lord”.

    July 21, 2016,6:32 pm

  58. Donald R Cody

    Ted Cruz demonstrated in spades last night just why he’s a first class jerk and an embarrassment to his TX delegation…..He’s a far right wing ideologue and a divider rather than a uniter…..He’s a sore loser and blames everyone but himself for his blatant failures….Good Riddance….

    July 21, 2016,6:01 pm

  59. Kathy Morse

    No. Trump crossed the line too many times, after all the “false name calling” he created, absolutely not! Cruz had the correct speech. Trump may need to know that you cannot railroad and treat people disrespectfully and childishly and then turn around asking for support. Lesson to learn: when you respect people, you will get it back in return.

    July 21, 2016,6:00 pm

  60. L W Johnson

    No. Cruz is a man of principle and Trump is an empty suit full of vitriol. Trump’s fulminations against Cruz and his wife and his opponents are unforgivable. He is a frightening embarrassment.

    July 21, 2016,5:50 pm

  61. George LeFebvre

    Ted Cruz showed the people that he is absolutely not a viable candidate for the POS or for that matter any political positions requiring integrity, Didn’t like him when he was trying to become the candidate and now I despise him for his actions.

    July 21, 2016,5:48 pm

  62. thomas w zera

    Ted Cruz should have supported Trump then worked out any differences in private. At least be on board to help and advise. After all the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Hillery and all her baggage or garbage is the enemy.

    July 21, 2016,5:45 pm

  63. Pat Autry

    He signed the pledge to vote for the Republican candidate for president of the US. He went against his word on that issue, what else would he do. Is he voting for Hillary knowing what a criminal she is?, is he not voting…that is a vote for Hillary…so have the Dems gotten to him.

    July 21, 2016,5:40 pm

  64. G. E. Diaz

    If anyone accuses Cruz to be a liar (which is what Trump is and tried to spread about Cruz, MY QUESTION IS: GIVE ME PROOF OF HIS LYING BECAUSE, HE IS KNOWN TO HAVE HIGH INTEGRITY ON THE RECORD. THAT’S WHY THE CORRUPT INSIDERS HATE HIM. HE “PROVES” THE LIES IN DETAIL BY THE CORRUPT SENATORS SUCH AS Mitch McCannel on the floor of the senate — or have some commentators herein missed that bit of news! Again, accusers, back up your false accusations.

    July 21, 2016,5:35 pm

  65. Joann

    Cruz went against his word. Proves the “LY’IN TED” nickname was correct. GO TRUMP!!

    July 21, 2016,5:30 pm

  66. G. E. Diaz

    P.S. If someone says ugly untruths about my parents or children, UNLESS HE APOLOGIZES, I will not forgive in public. Instead I would pray for his SOUL, Joan.

    July 21, 2016,5:28 pm

  67. G. E. Diaz

    Joan, below has it all wrong. How does she know whether or not Cruz forgives his lying attackers. And who is she that has the temerity to judge Cruz who has grown up in a religious; whose wife is daughter of Missionaries. She hypocritically used Scripture to strengthen her views? I am a strong Christian and have witnessed hypocrites using Scripture as a weapon to hide their impure hearts.

    July 21, 2016,5:22 pm

  68. Edward Swearingen

    Ted should just stick to Texas because I for one believe him to be a LIAR! If he ever runs for anything that I can vote, I will vote for whomever is running against him. By not supporting the Republican Party nominee, he voted for Clinton!

    July 21, 2016,5:16 pm

  69. G. E. Diaz

    What’s happened to our society when people fail to see that Trump has low moral standards such as being a serial adulterer and bragging in books of his exploits with wives of friends. Just Google for the truth. His life is an open book and his true love in life is garish show-off wealth in bad taste. Says it all. Just do some reading. It’s all available. The man is rotten to his core.

    July 21, 2016,5:16 pm

  70. Jan

    When someone attacks your family, who you are supposed to defend, honor, and cherish, and you fold like a “servile puppy dog” then you are like our president, who, when someone attacks our citizens at home and abroad, who you are supposed to defend, honor, and cherish, folds like a servile puppy dog at the feet of the mullahs and dictatorial leaders of other countries.

    July 21, 2016,5:15 pm

  71. Edward Swearingen

    Ted should just stick to Texas because I for one believe him to be a LIAR! If he ever runs for anything that I can vote for him, II will vote for whom ever is running against him. By not supporting the Republican Party nominee he voted for Clinton!

    July 21, 2016,5:14 pm

  72. Edward Swearingen

    Ted should just stick to Texas because I for one believe him to be a LIAR! If he ever runs for anything that I can vote for him, II will vote for whom ever is running against him. By not supporting the Republican Party nominee he voted for Clinton! He is a TRAITOR.

    July 21, 2016,5:11 pm

  73. rfernandez

    The plane, the plane, , she said she s voting for Trump anyway, so she s cool.Trump 2016, they are all going to end up loving Trump, I already do.

    July 21, 2016,5:10 pm

  74. Barbara Banks

    How could he not endorse him. They all slandered each other! Thank heavens we will be rid of him soon. Using that poor child that lost her Father was unkind. Trying to promote himself on her sadness!

    July 21, 2016,5:07 pm

  75. Joan

    TED CRUZ A CHRISTIAN I THINK NOT!! Mark 11:25 And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.26 But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses. HE WAS ALWAYS A WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING!!

    July 21, 2016,5:01 pm

  76. rfernandez

    What are you talking about, Trumps plane was on the runway aproach to land ,this is faa regulations, Trumps plane didnt buzzed anybody or endanger anybody yesterday, see the video on youtube, this comentary by someone here is hilariuos, cartoonish even, wow ,I guess that person has been watching too much of “the view”, what did Trump ever do to any of this silly haters, daddy Trump for president 2016 !!

    July 21, 2016,5:01 pm

  77. Michael Schroeder

    Ted Cruz looked small and petty. Ron Reagan supported his political nemesis at the RNC Convention in 1976, Gerald R. Ford. Teddy needed to put his big boy pants on and stow his pacifier and do the right thing. Principles? Really? He took an oath to support the Republican nominee.

    July 21, 2016,4:49 pm

  78. William

    1. What did Ted Cruz say that is so offensive?

    2. Why is it the responsibility of Cruz supporters to “reach out”? How has Donny “reached out”? Has he ever apologized for the false accusations he made against Cruz’s wife or father? What about the accusations against Ted and “mutiple affairs”? Talk about “Lying Donny”!!!!!!!

    3. I’m in political debates all the time and I personally have never been as personally insulted as I’ve been by Trumpkins. I will not ever vote for Hillary but the fact is Trumpkins need every conservatives support if we’re going to win in Nov.

    If you Trumpkins want to get on your high horse and shout “we won, we won. You have to support us! We don’t need to reach out! Fine. LOSE!!!!!

    Or you could be gracious. You could admit with Donny that nasty things were said about all the other candidates by Donny. But that doesn’t seem to be in Donald’s nature. It also doesn’t seem to be in the nature of his supporters.

    July 21, 2016,4:45 pm

  79. kenny

    Ted cruz, is a honorable man,whom I have a lot of respect,but it’s time for us to unite, a no vote is a vote for hillary,that would be disasterous

    July 21, 2016,4:44 pm

  80. Kim

    Ted Cruz showed the statesman that he is last night. He did not condemn DT, and, in fact, IF DT was/is an honorable man, then Mr. Cruz was basically saying to vote for him. If not, then he was saying to vote for whomever we feel IS the honorable candidate. He basically threw the ball back in DT’s court. He was classy, honest, and stood by Conservative convictions, unlike most politicians today.

    July 21, 2016,4:43 pm

  81. kenny

    I respect ted cruz I voted for him,but no vote is a vote for hillary, that would be a disaster,it’s time we unite together

    July 21, 2016,4:39 pm

  82. Sue denton

    I wondering if Ted Cruz got a tip “Under table”showed up on the staged try ruded it and under the infleunce at the Rupublican National Convention and turned against Donald Trump. Maybe Mitt Romany gave him a tips? $$$$

    July 21, 2016,4:39 pm

  83. Karl Lane

    He has burned his bridge! He needs to get over it. Throughly discusseded with the crybaby

    July 21, 2016,4:37 pm

  84. Traci

    A resounding NO, he should NOT have endorsed him. Donald Trump is not only qualified to be president, he is unfit to be president. He is a despicable human being who has bamboozled the sheeP. God have mercy on this once great country. Senator Cruise is the boy’s crying in the wilderness and there are many, many grassroots conservatives who admire him all the more for not endorsing that mentally disturbed lunatic!

    July 21, 2016,4:36 pm

  85. Kim Smith-Norton

    Donna Cox blaming Cruz for Carson is crazy. Cruz campaign took information put out by a major news media. Once the error was found Cruz called and apologized to Carson. Carson accepted the apology that should have ended the situation. But Trump decided to use it for his own benefit. What did he promise Carson? You accept and apology it is over. Carson lost my support at that moment and probable a lot of others support also.

    July 21, 2016,4:26 pm

  86. George

    Trump has failed to live up to his pledge to represent the Republican party and its platform. In fact Trump has hijacked the party to run as a Nationalist Populist campaign and does not represent the best interest of the party. Trump is reaping what he has sown with his slash and burn, win at all cost primary campaign and now is reaping the resentment of not just Cruz but MANY high profile Republicans and politicians. Might as well get over it folks…the 2016 Republican Presidential campaign is over before the first vote has been cast in the general election. Trump has now handed it to Clinton on a platter.

    July 21, 2016,4:22 pm

  87. Juan

    Pride always goes before the fall. He cut his own throat last night.

    July 21, 2016,4:20 pm

  88. Barb

    He certainly should have

    July 21, 2016,4:20 pm

  89. Kim Smith-Norton

    Just to let you know I will be voting for Trump but I will have to hold my nose. At the debate the candidates pledge they would support the nominee. Cruz by what he said last night will be voting for Trump. That is support. I understand why he will not endorse Trump. Again the pledge was he would support the nominee. Voting for someone is support. Endorsement is another way to support show support. Yesterday, Trump plane buzzed Cruz as he was giving a speech. Question Why would Trump endanger people on the ground by having his jet fly so low. Trump knew a head of Cruz’s speech what he was going to say but allowed him to give it anyway. Why? Trump came out while Cruz was specking waving and blowing kisses to the crowd. Why? Trump knew he was working the crowd.

    This all started by Trump attacking Cruz’s wife and made unfounded allegation against Cruz’s father. Yes I know a Political Pac posted a picture of Trump wife from a magazine. Which by the why is a public format. A candidate does not control a pac it is illegal. Trump attacked Hedi Cruz her appearance and working for Goldman Sac and getting a loan for one reason to stop Cruz’s campaign . Trump is not stupid. Trump has had loans from Goldman Sacs also. Trump may even still owe them money. The comments about Cruz’s father was totally uncalled for. Trump is a bully and unprofessional who had a couple of sound bites people liked and is an entertainer. Like Cruz will vote for the lesser of two evils and pray Trump does what he says. I do not see that any pledge has been broken.

    July 21, 2016,4:20 pm

  90. Donna beltz

    I think he honored his commitment to support the nominee just by being there. I don’t think anyone of us would endorse someone who said and did the things trump did to Cruz family.

    July 21, 2016,4:19 pm

  91. Carol L. Morrisey

    Ted Cruz did not oppose Trump. If anyone follows his exhortation, they will vote for Trump. He opposed Hillary, and mentioned some issues that have been Trump’s hallmarks. He encouraged liberty and values and conscience. What’s wrong with that? I have the very same attitude about Trump–there are some things about him I don’t like, but the alternative is worse, so I will vote for him. Trump didn’t need to have his supporters boo Cruz. He knew ahead of time what Cruz would say.

    July 21, 2016,4:17 pm

  92. Joe Elmorr

    Cruz should not have made the deal if he wasn’t going to honor it. He may have already hurt his chances for a 2020 run doing stuff like this. His past actions on the Senate floor has not helped him either When is the “Christian” part going to come out?.

    July 21, 2016,4:15 pm

  93. Jerry Henderson

    Cruz is a sore looser and cry baby of a self centered child he needs to grow up and act like a man.

    July 21, 2016,4:07 pm

  94. james

    The results of this vote reveal the lack of moral and virtuous principles by both Trump and those who are supporting him.

    July 21, 2016,4:07 pm

  95. james

    I assume that all those who think the pledge was unconditional and not predicated on the condition of honesty, would agree that if they loaned someone $5 million on a pledge of repayment within 2 years, would forgive the debt when that agreement of repayment is not kept.

    July 21, 2016,4:04 pm

  96. Beverly Riddle

    He pledged to support the nominee and he lied again. Now there will be a never Cruz campaign for this guy I once would have voted for, he has ruined a lot voters thoughts of him, he is bitter and sad man.

    July 21, 2016,4:02 pm

  97. Ken

    Ted Cruz is the only conservative being honest about his position, the rest of you republicans are cowards

    July 21, 2016,4:01 pm

  98. Sam Yarbrough

    Ted is a spoiled brat who thinks he’s too good for most Americans.

    July 21, 2016,3:59 pm

  99. Joe Gag

    Like Kasich. These two people called Trumps bluff, both assuming he would reneg when they won.
    Trump won. I don’t care if he insulted his family or his dog. Trump won inspite of it, and they made a deal

    They should support him or pack in their political careers

    July 21, 2016,3:56 pm

  100. Laura G. Holmes

    Yes, of course. He signed a pledge and by doing what he did he basically showed that he has not integrity and lied on that piece of paper. This was all about his ego and trying to sabotage Donald Trump like so many others have tried to do. He proved why everyone cannot stand him. I hope he gets booted right out of office. He tried so hard to jack the election along with his cronies. Anyone who says that he should not have kept his word is a coward. You cannot consider yourself a Christian and lie and try to cheat the system. He is a disgrace along with all the other so-called conservatives who are trying to sabotage the nominee who won fair and square whether you like it or not. Get over it. Shame on all of you!

    July 21, 2016,2:59 pm

  101. Sue denton

    Yes, Ted Cruz should have endorsed Donald Trump but he refusal endorse and he did on the staged told his on his personal against Donald Trump definite he is disloyal and disgrace for his behavior egocially is considering dangerous infleunce. He should be out of the career !

    July 21, 2016,2:26 pm

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