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Unlike Low-Energy Hillary, Trump Won’t Nap On The Job!

by Bradley Matthews

“She’s low energy, she actually is low energy.¬†She’ll go home, she’ll take a nap for four or five hours then come back. No naps for Trump!” — Donald Trump



  1. Beverly Riddle

    Trump said it early on that the political system is rigged. He didn’t know how fully he was right. Hillary got away with the most horrendous things all her life, including the FBI investigations, the server she shouldn’t have used. Surely when she had to be escorted to a place where she could use that server in her workplace that something was wrong that very first time, but nope, she let her illegal server use to hide things that would not be ever made public. Yoga, my butt! This DNC email hack showed many in collusion for interfering in an election, good ole Debbie should be charged as well as all involved from top to bottom in the chain. But, no, let’s blame Trump before any facts were found to back that up. I’d fall on the floor laughing if it turns out to be one of them (democrat) that was their very own “deep throat” for “Hillary gate”.

    July 29, 2016,6:21 pm

  2. Laura G. Holmes

    We know that this woman is asleep at the wheel. When she was secretary of state, she couldn’t find the time or energy to respond to the ambassador’s cries for added security in Benghazi before he was brutally murdered. Her whereabouts during the horrific terrorists attack where four Americans were killed are unknown. She was MIA. We know Barack Obama was on a plane to Las Vegas to campaign. She does seem to have enough stamina when it comes to lying, deceiving, and playing the American democratic voters for the fool. She and Obama actually put a gentleman in jail for a video he made (with his right to free speech). Hillary is the one who should be rotting in prison. They then proceeded to lie to the American people about the terrorist attack for several weeks after the event. Lying has become so commonplace for this woman. I would imagine she would need the naps to be able to keep up with the deceit. It has to be exhausting to live your life that way.

    July 26, 2016,12:56 pm

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