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Why Won’t The Democrats Mention “Radical Extremists”?

by Bradley Matthews

Why won’t the Democrats mention radical extremists? The reason may surprise you — see the cartoon to find out!


  1. Joan Ferrante

    Laura G. The left is eliminating themselves with they’re in American antic!!!Who the hell n their right mind would ever for these fools!!

    March 6, 2017,5:37 pm

  2. Beverly Riddle

    Now, you guys hit the nail on the head, Richard and Laura. And don’t get politically correct on me for saying “guys”.

    August 3, 2016,5:55 pm

  3. Richard Jukes

    Because doing so would require them to admit that Donald Trump is right!

    August 1, 2016,4:52 pm

  4. Laura G. Holmes

    Why would they do this? It does not fit into one of their many false narratives. It’s all about increasing their voter block and eliminating the Republican party.

    August 1, 2016,3:49 pm

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