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Is There A Media Jihad Against Trump?

by Bradley Matthews

“And as we all know, the American media leans sharply left, so we the people are often barraged with propaganda rather than reality.┬áIt is on a jihad against Donald Trump.” — Bill O’Reilly


  1. Janice

    I like President Trump — period. I am sick to death of CNN< MSNBC< NBC< CBS==they are no longer journalists but bigoted leftists with an agenda. When will we stand tall and take back our country= just voting for Trump or other Republicans is not enough the establishment

    June 23, 2017,4:03 pm

  2. William


    August 7, 2016,12:32 am

  3. charlene sullins

    The liberal media is biased against the republican party and Trump.

    August 6, 2016,3:31 pm

  4. Beverly Riddle

    Media are biased and keep concealing all they can about HRC, but if you are Trump the “guns” are ready to fire from all directions. I’ve never been more ashamed of some of our Americans in how they are behaving and the insults and nasty comments on Facebook (I don’t do Twitter, never will). The media takes everything so far that I’m yelling at the TV or computer depending on where I’m reading it. The dems are being so racist, yet they yell at Trump for that and worse. I keep hoping that something quickly ends her campaign and when in a run with the other two standing he will win easily. Going to be a bumpy ride til this is over. And last thing we need as president is someone who can’t tell the truth for the life of her nor do we need Bill back in White House and back to his “nasty business” and more lies. Missing off and on with husband not feeling well.

    August 5, 2016,2:41 pm

  5. Laura G. Holmes

    Oh Sue, I am so glad you are back. We have missed you! The media this morning is trying to destroy Trump’s credibility over the Iran video that he saw. I actually saw on cable news along with the story about the ransom payment a crate of money as well. The news purposely tried to make it look like it was the payment. Trump has a big microphone and he better start using it. HE CAN MAKE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE KNOW THE TRUTH IF HE STICKS TO HIS MESSAGE AND DISCONTINUES HIS PARTICIPATION IN THESE PURPOSELY ORCHESTRATED BAR BRAWLS WITH THE PEOPLE THAT THE DEMOCRATS ARE PLANTING EVERYWHERE TO BAIT HIM. Please stop Donald. He is fighting such a horrific battle against establishment Republicans trying to hold onto their gravy trains and power, extreme right wingers who continue to cause the Republicans to lose elections, the most dishonest media (you mind as well call them PRAVDA in Russia because they are on the same level), and the deviant Democrats whose main MO is to deflect (away from the horrible criminal and incompetent liar that Hillary is), lie (about Trump), deceive (hide the truth), and blame (everyone but themselves even though they are solely responsible for the destruction of America). It is only with prayer that God will bring back some rational thinking on the part of the American people. If not, I believe that his revelations are coming to pass and people had better get ready for some horrendous times on this earth and in this country.

    August 5, 2016,2:09 pm

  6. Sue denton

    I agree! It all fault to media, federal governs, and Hillary Clinton broken the law and criminal but yet she still is running election for president. I feel sorry for Trump. Media sure did damaged and Paul Ryan is childish and he think himself above of the law, he needs to resign. In facts , all of the federal governs are dishonesty and distrust worthy that’s damaged it and very ugly!

    August 5, 2016,12:56 pm

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