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See Why Truth Makes Hillary Short Circuit

by Bradley Matthews


George Washington couldn’t tell a lie — Hillary Clinton can’t tell the truth! See the cartoon to see why truth makes Hillary short circuit…


  1. Beverly Riddle

    More like HRC can’t tell the truth, think she is forgetting the lies she’s told to cover the lies she told previously.

    August 16, 2016,2:27 pm

  2. Michael Skaggs

    Short circut–what Hillary Clinton will do on the witness stand.

    August 15, 2016,5:08 pm

  3. Sue denton

    Hillary Clinton came up the words that Short Circut , I have ever heard! The bottom of the line, it’s best to put her on the Oath. Remmy that Bill Clinton on the oath and impeached and then second time keep him so Hillary will probably do the same. It’s not worth to discuss this because the Democratic Party and Republican did not do the proper of the U.S. Constitution law! It’s embrassed and fail! If Hillary wins and she will be impeachment, it’s depend on the congress decision . It’s sad!

    August 15, 2016,1:53 pm

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