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You Won’t Believe What Jeb Said About Trump’s Immigration Plan

by Bradley Matthews

Jeb Bush

” All the things that Donald Trump railed against, he seems to be morphing into,  it’s kind of disturbing… But shifting my views because, because it’s political to do it? That’s what politicians do in this country, that’s what Trump is trying to do right now. I find it abhorrent.” — Jeb Bush


  1. Shelly

    I have no opinion on what Jeb Bush says. He is a traitor to the republican party and not worth the time. He is still pissed off because he was not able to follow in daddy’s footsteps and is now supporting Hillary Clinton.

    September 2, 2016,7:33 am

  2. Beverly Riddle

    Jeb forgot that the primaries are over and that he dropped out of the race months ago.

    August 28, 2016,2:47 pm

  3. Buzz

    He’s weak, no spark, not very many ideas, can not follow thru with anything, no BALLS, lame, etc!!

    August 28, 2016,11:09 am

  4. Shelba Herring

    Bush is still trying to ambush Trump

    August 28, 2016,1:17 am

  5. Ellender Brown

    I would never vote for Jeb Bush ! What is more disturbing to me would be Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz becoming president. They both pretend to be Constitution conservative but they are Liberal Dem. Using the American people to try to get there agenda threw.They both are for One World Order that George Bush Sr,started pushing while he was in office. The corruption go a long ways back . Trace the money.

    August 27, 2016,11:48 pm

  6. Rob

    Are you on drugs?

    August 27, 2016,1:57 pm

  7. Dorris


    August 27, 2016,1:27 pm

  8. Apostol Pappas

    What about the pledge you signed Jeb? ? Changed your mind, did you?

    August 27, 2016,6:55 am

  9. rfernandez

    We ll I was going to say it on my last post at 12/46 am, but I ll say it now, im the last man standing you are all sleeping like babies, who needs sleep, Trump 2016.

    August 27, 2016,2:20 am

  10. rfernandez

    Futher more and in conclusion, we are just a wikileaks batch away from taking Hillaries masked off, Assange has the goods on her, the only danger here is early voting, if the bad news for Hillary gets out too late, then we are looking at her impeachment, that is if her invasion of the body snatchers zambie insiders will have the will to do it, remember the system is rigged, im hoping Julian Assange gets the bad news for Hillary out soon, she is not fit or qualified for the presidency.

    August 27, 2016,12:46 am

  11. Tom

    Jeb, get the chip off your shoulders, bury the hatchet and get behind Trump and endorse him in the upcoming election. This situation with the Supreme Court Justices is just too important. It’s the most important issue of the times. A Hillary presidency must not be permitted as she will select far left justices who will destroy America. Trump needs your council, not your criticism.

    August 26, 2016,7:47 pm

  12. carmen padilla

    Jeb it seems to me that you still hurt this is not an excuse for you not to unite and back up your party it seems to me you want Hillary to win this election.

    August 26, 2016,6:34 pm

  13. Janetcannon4u@gmail.com

    Trump doesn’t know the true if hit in the face.

    August 26, 2016,5:49 pm

  14. Kevin

    Grow up you lost . Back trump like you pledge to do .

    August 26, 2016,5:43 pm

  15. Dana

    Freedom of speech guys!!! He has a right to his opinion. You guys are sounding like the liberals, ‘if you don’t agree with me then I hate you, you are bad, hope you are pushed into the dust bin’. You are not using the same language but the same tactic. Make up your minds whether you are for free speech etc or not. Can’t have it both ways!!!!

    Use your energy to get out and support Trump and defeat Hillary. That is all that matters now.

    August 26, 2016,5:18 pm

  16. rfernandez

    Jeb Bushes son ,George P Bush endorses Trump and urges republicans to vote for Trump, go Google it, see for yourselfs, I guess not all Bushes are bad.

    August 26, 2016,4:59 pm

  17. Alan anderson

    Have no use for any of the Bush’said. They are as awful as the Clinton’s, Kennedy’s, McCains, Ryan’s, McConnell’s and Boehner’s….just to name a few. With the election of Trump I am hoping all these clowns will be pushed into the dust bin of history. Am certainly not voting for John McCain.

    August 26, 2016,4:34 pm

  18. Deanna Moyers

    blah blah blah

    August 26, 2016,4:32 pm

  19. Susie LeBron

    Jeb, do us a favor, and go away! Stop trashing Trump already, you are beginning to sound like a sore loser…which you are!

    August 26, 2016,4:25 pm

  20. Laura G. Holmes

    Why don’t the Bushes realize that they are now obsolete and go away!

    August 26, 2016,1:42 pm

  21. Sue denton

    Jeb! You and your bush family endored “evil” Hillary Clinton so therefore your family are Demcoratic party and no longer Republican Party that’s shameful! There is no point for you to talking about the issues over of trump… Trump can do the job! You know, the political who has fail the violation of law and crimes so do nothing ,how that’s it explaining? Political sure did damaging themselves! It’s getting tired of Poiltics didn’t do the job just that toooo many union in the federal governs building which is should not happens. Obama / Hillary Clinton violated of law& crimes plus corruption dirty business got way with it! Do nothing! That’s crazy and it worse than it is. Trump will win in November !

    August 26, 2016,12:51 pm

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